What is going on?

English football is an enormous business, so why is it incapable of employing top people who have the talent to keep its house in order and control its excesses and self-destructive urges?

I’m afraid the answer lies in the boardrooms of the biggest clubs, which  pull the strings of the FA, ensuring it employs only second-raters who will not threaten their own PR needs.

No FTSE-100 company would have hired Woy or Sam as England manager. The hiring process would have exposed their weaknesses – Woy’s spinelessness, Sam’s cupidity.

So Alan Shearer is correct: English football is a laughing-stock. The corruption is only now beginning to be exposed – and I’ll whisper ‘drugs’, the next scandal to break. Mama mia!

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “What is going on?”

  1. Would not happen in Rugby, at least not until they start paying the ridiculous amounts of money that is involved in the soccer business.

  2. All professional sports are disgusting. they are all corrupted by lucre, drugs, merchandising and any and all skullduggery that can be perpetrated.
    Needless to say the Olympics being the worst of all.

    How the stupid can be taken in by the ‘cupid’ is an everlasting source of wonderment to me, overpriced tickets, ludicrous manic supporters and devotee merchandise at extraordinary prices are totally beyond me.

    As you know I would ban the lot and re-introduce circuses Roman style. To the death of course, in an effort to remove some of ‘them’ preferably before they have bred!
    I live in unfulfilled hope and meanwhile I shall retreat to my greenhouse where sanity and peace reign!!
    The world becomes more disgusting by the day. It well deserves the end it it is apparently hurtling towards at ever greater speed.

  3. Christina.

    Absolutely right.

    In the real world (wherever that is ?) the resignation of Sam Allardyce is of monumental insignificance.

    But in the world we live in it keeps the morons chattering like monkeys on speed.

  4. The Celtic Man City match this evening was a credit to the spirit of the game. A great atmosphere and a game played by both teams with the emphasis on the attack. But yes Janus, there is something rotten at the core, and its all to do with money.

  5. Would it be unkind to suggest that the actual football players use their feet and not their brains and are therefore easily manipulated by sleazy operators, managers and agents and such?

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