Le petit Nicolas schemes his way back to the top, despite his criminal cases. Will he be given another chance? Will it make any difference to France’s failing fortunes and Europe’s little local difficulties? Probably not, mes amis.

Author: janus

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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile…….”

  1. He’d defeat Le Pen, of course, but not by much and his presidency would be poisoned by public hatred and unrest. In a very continental way, nothing is forgotten but nothing is learnt and petty little egos cannot accept their irrelevance.

  2. Sarkozy still has to be chosen as his party’s candidate for the election of course. Juppé has seemed to be favourite, although many people consider him too old. But a survey in Le Figaro the other day had a fairly sizeable proportion of voters opposed to Sarkozy’s return. The whole thing will be a problem for the muslims in France. At the last election they were instructed by imams and such to vote for Hollande because Sarkozy had banned the burka in public places. Now Hollande, as a result of the various terrorist attacks, has also clamped down on the religion of peace. No possibility of any of that lot voting for the best interests of France, which might well be LePen.

  3. Don’t count on it lasting with her, though. Merkel has completely lost the plot. As Europe slips into sectarian violence and some countries are inching to civil war the Three Amigos, Merkel, Hollande and Renzi keeping banging on about the glories of “Europe”. The amusing thing is that at least two of the three are almost certain to be out of power within a year.

  4. Now Nicolulla goes for the burkini ban! The coverall swimwear is a provocation! Just like the chosen garb of Jews and Sikhs then? Not to mention RC priests?

  5. The problem, Janus, is that Jews aren’t causing trouble in Europe — nor or Sikhs and Catholic priests. Catholic priests also don’t dress that differently save for ceremonies. There are more and more instances of Muslims attacking non-Muslims in France. There are countless instances of Muslims attacking well-adjusted, integrated Muslims in France. This is a belated crackdown. They’re rarely pleasant, but quite necessary.

  6. I just can’t see the point of insulting ‘good’ muslims with this ban when it is extremist idiots who terrorise everybody. It’s like penalising all weird Christian sects when one ir two go rogue.

  7. Because it is an alien imposition on a decidedly secular country. France is a secular country with a culture rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. It’s a country where the limits of accepted behaviour are explicit. Islamic impositions cannot be tolerated in such a society. Modest dress is accepted and that is required by Islam, burqas and burkinis are not. When the cultural import clashes with the culture of the country, the import must be eschewed.

  8. We should have never bother fighting the krauts when we had the frogs all the time right there being irritating.
    Never could see the point of abandoning one’s traditional enemies in favour of fighting one own like.
    A thousand years of aggro should never have been abandoned just like that, we should invade Calais again immediately.
    (After first nuking the Jungle) No, better not do that, the frogs might thank us for that one!

  9. I believe burkas should be allowed in Europe as soon as and only when a lady can walk safely down Riyadh High Street in a miniskirt and a crop top (whatever that might be). It all yooman rites in the end, innit, or do they only operate one way?


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