10 thoughts on “A memory”

  1. It looks extremely similar to parts of the south coast of Pembrokeshire.
    Similar geology one suspects.

  2. The pic is unfortunate in that the level of light is so low. Whereabouts was this in Portugal?
    Then I’ll have a look at some geology maps. don’t know much about the geology down there but looks reminiscent of remains of ancient Hercynian chain flanks, well worn away. Take continental drift into consideration and there is reason to believe that the similarities are in fact adjoining duplicates subsequently separated.

  3. Your dark plates are probably shale or slate, all depends on how much metamorphosis but same basic constituents just cooked differently! Got any pictures? could be intrusive sills breaking down.

  4. This is mid-Portugal just north of Lisbon. Near Cape Roca, Europe’s most westerly point. Sorry no more pics unless google has some.

  5. I take it you were somewhere in the southern half of the Portuguese coast? Facing the Atlantic?

    Yup, as I thought, Devonian deposits laid up against older Hercynian chain to the North. Volcanics mainly associated with underwater vents. Hence your dark coloured slabs.
    Uplift subsequent to drift from the Grand Banks area originally. The whole Iberian peninsula swinging about wildly as it went so to speak! Banging off of Africa then swinging wildly back to the North, creating the Pyrenees. So very much associated with south Pembs with whom it must have had nodding acquaintance during its peregrinations!
    Weird to pick it up so easily from one rather dark picture. Just how my brain works with landscape, have a total visually retentive memory for it. Forget the people, habitation, culture. not interested. Just shape, rocks, soils, vegetation, land use, flora and fauna.

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