Interesting times

By the end of 2016, we can expect the world to be changing. Oh yeah, I hear you say, you Januarians always say that kind of thing but nothing really happens.

Well, try this for size:

The confused EU will suspend Shengen without admitting it and immigration via Turkey will virtually cease, following the disappearance of Erdogan and Co.

The UK, led by its Intrepid Triumvirate, will announce a formula for Brexit which safeguards trade with individual Euromembers and drives a coach and four through the EU’s ‘four freedoms’.

President Trump will put the USA into lock-down, by limiting relations with the real world, diplomatically, militarily and commercially. (That will of course exclude his private business interests.) Guns will be issued to the few households not yet/no longer sporting them.

In the wake of the disaster that was Rio 16, international sport will become a rarity, with only football teams going abroad, employing their own armies for protection.

And President Putin will still be missing.

Author: janus

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5 thoughts on “Interesting times”

  1. More likely to be tooling up for civil wars over wogs or WWIII if we are not careful!

  2. Ghastly choice eh? Scylla or Charybdis!
    I see some real trouble in Europe over the wave of wogs. Some serious aggro in the South China Sea, after all the USA is obliged to look out for the Philippines by treaty just as us and Belgium in 1914.
    And one never quite knows what Putin might decide to invade.
    I must say I think Trump is right over who comes to the USA, Too many psycho ragheads holding European Passports these days. Idiot countries have been handing them out like confetti. Personally I think Merkel should be disemboweled in public! I’ve often wondered if she was a planted Commie stooge to want to wreck her own country like it. I just totally fail to understand the need for Europeans to implement death wishes to their countries and cultures over a load of barbarians and worse.

  3. While oop narth the SNP still bangs on about a separate Scotch solution, another indyref and the defectors remaining in the EU!

    Doesn’t she get it? Scorland is not independent, Westminster calls the shots and she should shut the f*** up!

  4. I can see both the US and Europe suffering from severe social instability. I wouldn’t advise either one to claim superiority at the moment.Schengen is already dying a slow death. As a matter of course border checks are being expanded and renewed. Not all aspects of Schengen were bad. For example, allow people from countries with a citizenry unlikely to blow itself up in markets or shops such as China, Vietnam, Russia or India to holiday in Europe with a single visa rather than having to get a separate one for each country visited. The problem was that they should never have completely stopped border checks as that has only allowed all the troubles of the Balkans and former USSR to spread across the continent. And nasty, nasty “refugees” fleeing “poverty” and “warfare”. Merkel is on the brink of her political collapse.

    Anyone for claiming refugee status in New Zealand or Australia?

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