Juncker again

This is the President of Europe! The EU’s public face!

Now he pokes petty jibes at BJ and NF for deserting the Brexit fold.

Why does he care – apart from the fact that he can’t handle criticism? Has he no dignity on behalf of ‘his’ institution? Does he imagine his childish behaviour will influence the negotiations in any way? Answers: no and yes!

He is clearly surplus to EU requirements – so how long will he survive? I forgot – it’s time for the interminable Continental holidays – so expect action in September.

Author: janus

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8 thoughts on “Juncker again”

  1. I believe even the some European Leaders are fed up with him – but I read (how truthfully I know not) that there is no mechanism to get rid of him.

  2. Boacidea: This is continental Europe, there might not be a mechanism but there are machinations! If Merkel, Szydlo, Rutte and a few others declare that they have lost faith in him his position will be no more viable than Tony Blair’s parliamentary future.

  3. A few carefully leaked stories about his role in the big multi-nationals’ geting special low tax deals should do the trick! 😎

  4. It was UKIP wot won the referendum. The majority of leafleters, canvassers and activists during the campaign were current or past UKIP members wearing, VoteLeave T shirts and badges and using literature and merchandise from a broad range of Brexit organisations. It was good to have Boris and Gove on board but the referendum wouldn’t have been won without the ‘kippers’.
    Now we’re in the hands of the bloody Tory Party whose leader having abandoned his post when things didn’t go his way left things to a bunch of squabbling political mediocrities. Well if that’s representative democracy I think we’d be better off with the direct kind.
    I also think that the Summer Recess should be postponed until the Tory leadership contest is concluded. It is shameful that the country should be held I’m limbo whilst these poltroons go on their summer holidays.

  5. Jazz, I agree with your point about Ukip. If only they had more clout in Westminster. Not sure there’s any point in Brit politicians working inJuly/August though. Europe is generally unavailable anyway. And we don’t want to revert to two weeks hols a year (like the Yanks).

  6. Good news that Merkel and her party (CDU) have also turned on Schulz, president of the European parliament, insisting that he leaves at the end of his term of office instead of standing for yet another term. One of Juncker’s buddies with ideas above his abilities.

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