Stay or Go – Immigration

Uncontrolled immigration is  a bad thing.

You English Southrons are, comparatively,  living cheek by jowl  with a population density of 413 per square kilometre. Yet again, we Celts are holding you back from being right up there, c by j-wise. To be fair, you could never hope to compete with top of the table Monaco and  their 25,718.12 psm.

In passing, how do they find the space to hold an F1 Grand Prix there? My theory is that they get the bulk of the population to jump into the harbour and cling onto the sides of the luxury yachts for the duration.

Anyhow, were it not for Wales (149), Northern Ireland (135) and Caledonia (68),  England as part of the UKoGB&NI (262)  would not be languishing at 50 in the overcrowded stakes. You would be right up  there at 27, displacing the Dutch.

Uncontrolled immigration is still a bad thing even although it’s nothing like the problem that Leave, in my opinion, assert it to be in terms of overcrowding.

Moving on, I have made the effort to talk to a few EU immigrants. Mostly Poles but other EU nationalities as well.

I really like Poles. They seem to me to be, in the main, hard-working and honest We have a lot of them in Embra.

All of the EU immigrants to whom I have spoken seem  happy to be here. But, most of them say that it was not a one way ticket. They want to go back to live in their native lands when the economy there gives them the same opportunities that they believe they can find here.

The complication, of course, is that the children who they are raising here may want to stay. No problem with that. If they identify themselves as British, then they are entirely welcome for me.

Non-EU immigration was a problem before we joined up to the EEC. I find it utterly disgraceful that some Leave campaigners claim that there was no such problem. It just is not true. I remember the visceral hatred of black immigrants in the 1960’s. I remember Pakistanis and Indians being relatively acceptable because they were perceived as  hard working and not like the alleged layabouts.from the Windies or Africa.

We have now, to a large extent,  controlled immigration from the Commonwealth. Freedom of movement dictates that our fellow Europeans can come here to seek work. If they don’t find it, they’ll be kicked out. If they do, they’ll have to work for a few years and pay our taxes before they can apply for benefits.

It’s not immigration. It’s ebb and flow. We’re fortunate to have a strong economy. If we cease to have one, the tide will flow the other way and it’ll be ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ all over again.

Leave 0 Remain 1.




15 thoughts on “Stay or Go – Immigration”

  1. You may not experience much overcrowding up North – but try Hove A&E late at night. Try, as my mother does, to get a GP appointment… Perhaps you don’t have tents on your roundabouts up there – or in the parks… but believe me from what I’ve seen in the south – there are too many.

    The accepted immigrants from the EU this year include some 77,000 without jobs — and as for ‘kicking out those who refuse to work” – I’m not sure which one of the three main protagonists for Brexit actually worked in that area – but he claimed that He had been responsible for the setting up the procedure and not one had ever been sent back.

    It’s the sheer numbers that is the problem – that anyone has the right to walk in…

    Leave 1. Remain 0

  2. JM “….You English Southrons are, comparatively, living cheek by jowl with a population density of 413 per square kilometre. Yet again, we Celts are holding you back from being right up there, c by j-wise. To be fair, you could never hope to compete with top of the table Monaco and their 25,718.12 psm……..

    Actually I thought that most of the Scots population (70%) was jammed into the Central Belt. When we visit relatives in Scotland it certainly doesn’t feel spacious, you have to drive some distance before it does. Whilst down here in S Oxfordshire it’s a lot less cramped and we have several nice country walks within a 15 minute drive.

    The term English Southron is vaguely offensive…….not that I am offended, but it betrays a certain small mindedness prevalent amongs educated scots many of whom are far too pleased with themselves and their assumed superiority for their own good. I much prefer the Scots working class…far more down to earth and fair minded. Actually the same thing is true in England, although not to the same extent.

    But on the subject of immigration. It is not controlled at the moment simply because we cannot limit entrants from the EU. Big business just loves cheap labour which is what the current situation delivers. However it also brings huge problems for the rest of us. As has been pointed out time and again, it is impossible to plan housing, schools, healthcare etc etc if you have no control over the number and type of immigration.

    I don’t know what’s happening to Britain but I’m coming to to the conclusion that most of our own politicians and civil servants don’t like us very much never mind the a$$h0les in Brussels.

  3. If so many incomers are working, how come Coventry city centre is heaving with them during working hours? Of course it’s different in Saffron Walden, Southbourne and Hayward’s Heath, my other haunts. Incomers attract more incomers so ghettoes grow. If you dislike the term, go and see.

  4. Jazz, you fail to spot JM’s amusing terminology. Southron is an endearment embracing all his mates south of Hadrian’s wossit. I fear you are becoming personal now, just like other campaigners. Pity.

  5. As someone pointed out to me yesterday at the Thame Vote Leave Table. ” We don’t need anymore Big Issue’ sellers”.
    I have noticed that there are now hardly any indigenous Big Issue sellers.

  6. Janus in my experience of the Scots (considerable) they rarely if ever use endearments for non Scots and particularly the English. They much prefer the sleekit put down relying on unfamiliarity with Scottish custom.
    I not really trying to be personal I just find the Scots debating technique irritating. Ruth Davidson last night was a good example. The English tend to be spare and to the point……something that doesn’t always work in their favour.

  7. Anyhow I’m sure this debate will continue, I look forward to the JM rebuttal (I think that’s what it’s called). In the meantime leaflets to deliver and dogs to walk.

  8. There are many Romanian and Bulgarian Gypsies here in Spain. They do not work and they do not contribute anything to Spanish society. Mostly, they simply beg and steal. When taking the metro, I do this almost every day, hardly any beggars are actually Spaniards. There are some, of course, but your conspicuous by being unusual. Spain is in effect bankrupt. Spain’s services are stretched. Those with jobs have had to start working far more hours for less, sometimes far less, pay. Yet, the most deformed detritus that washes up upon Spain’s fair shores must be accommodated. Are they a nuisance? Absolutely. Those who disturb the peace of metro passengers, screaming the same, scripted lines with the same pitiful warble rarely even have the proper pass. (How German of me, focusing on minor details such as carrying the proper pass and paying the correct fare) Yet there is nothing that Spain can do about it. Most simply suffer the offensive odours and gag-worthy ploys in silence.

  9. Jazz, it’s your contest! Categorising all Scots because you know a bad ‘un definitely deserves a duel! 😎

  10. Scots are an interesting lot. Some, such as our own JM and Sheona, are incredibly gracious people. One cannot ask for better companionship than theirs. Some Scots, the likes of Alex Salmond and many of his SNATS are difficult to suffer, gladly or otherwise. Largely I was treated well in Scotland and have had few difficulties getting on with Scots.

  11. Sorry Janus not interested, I’ve got too many episodes of Rake (Aussie TV series) to get through.

  12. Christopher, definitely! Unpalatable as some may find it, most people one meets in most places are the same! Better to mention exceptions than to tar all with a black brush.

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