Fish Dependence Day

Purely by chance I found an article on a French news site – next to one on the rising level of the Seine, but I think that’s just coincidence – on Fish Dependence Day. I had never heard of this before. According to the WWF France has already consumed its year’s quota of fish in less than six months. France consumes 35kg of fish per person per year which is one and a half times the European average and makes France the fifth largest consumer.

Some countries such as Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Estonia produce as much or more fish than they consume.  But those countries which consume more than they produce have to import from other countries and in many instances the people of these other countries have more need of the fish than European consumers, and I don’t suppose they see much financial benefit from the sale of these fish either.

Apparently 48% of North Atlantic fish stocks are overexploited and this figure rises to a horrific 93% in the Mediterranean.

One thing that struck me was that there was no mention of the UK. I have seen the French and Spanish refrigerated lorries queuing up on the quayside of Scottish ports like Ullapool ready to load the catches of crabs and langoustines as soon as the fishing boats dock.  Mr Cameron has forgotten to warn us that on 24th June this year there will be nary a foreign HGV in sight and the Scottish fishermen will be offering their catch to passers-by. In your dreams, Cameron!

What I want is for 24th June 2016 to be British fish independence day when we can reclaim our fishing grounds and catch our own fish with no Brussels-imposed limits, no throwing surplus fish back into the sea and with fishery protection vessels chasing the foreign trawlers away.


10 thoughts on “Fish Dependence Day”

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    You forget to mention the huge factory ships, mainly chinese, that are hoovering up all the fish everywhere. God rot them!
    About bloody time this world had a culling of humanity, too many of us and too few resources. We have no right to consume and/or destroy all other species as we are. One had high hopes for HIV, ebola, zika but nothing seems to do the trick!

  2. I was hoping for a plague to get about 75% of those with IQ below frozen pea level.
    Why is nature so unaccommodating?

  3. There is no evidence whatever that Brexit will throw up trade barriers. Business interests are reciprocal so no froggie bureaucrat is going to stand in the way of the fish trade. Ditto every other key industry ariund Europe.

  4. I love the idea of British Fish Independence Day, Sheona, although I was thinking more from the fishes point of view. 😉

  5. CO: In civilised countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, etc. people have fewer children so natural population growth is kept in check. I see no reason why those who produce children at the speed of Chinese bra factories should be allowed to dump their responsibilities on us! If they have something to offer us they can ask to come but for no other reason!

  6. Yes, after all one eats shell fish! Just think what lobsters and crabs eat!!!
    A straight forward protein dinner sounds just fine!

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