Enough rope

Wanting it and wanting it now was the ‘eighties mantra –  and things obviously haven’t changed at all, especially in the two fields that matter most to many people: politics and football. So let me mention a few prize-winners in the race to hang themselves this year.

First in politics, Dave and Donald.  The Pied Piper should be their emblem. Follow them to oblivion, folks.

Then, inevitably football. Follow the money, guys. And now they’ve got everything they asked for, they must show us what they are worth. I mean the two Mancunian clubs and their new heroes, Pep and Jose.

This is probably going to be the year of pyrrhic victories, methinks.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

One thought on “Enough rope”

  1. Next year France, Italy and Germany will have national elections. German politics are growing increasingly interesting as the old political order collapses into a shapeless blob with more and more sharp bits on the edges. As confidence collapses in the old 2 main parties and 2 established minor parties, expect die Linke and the AfD to continue to grow as opposition parties with some hiccoughs along the way. In France and Italy anything is possible. The French and Italians are not obedient and will not let their politicians dictate their lives to them. The pied piper wants his due eventually.

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