The big challenge with refugees is establishing their credentials as bona fide asylum seekers. Are they genuine ‘friends’ or do they harbour sinister motives?

Unfortunately the guardians of the Big House failed to police the estate, allowing marauders to plunder the residents, some assuming multiple identities to escape capture.

So, cherished charioteers, let us be vigilant and preserve the pax Britannica.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

9 thoughts on “Incoming”

  1. Never mind the Pax Britannica. I have more faith in the Leges Icenorum, made certain of being observantur’ed by a large and tetchy ursine presence.


  2. Actually Janus, I don’t have too much of a problem with distinguishing between the bona fide and the opportunist or unfriendly ‘refugees’.

    I was given the answer by a friend, a refugee from Slovenia. In answer to the question should Oz allow those who pay many thousands of dollars to try to enter Oz by boat, she said. “No they are not genuine, Those who are genuine are sitting in refugee camps, They are learning the language and culture of the lands in which they hope to settle. They do not have the money to pay smugglers to get them to Oz, in defiance of Australian law. Why should Oz welcome people who have already shown contempt for her laws?”.

    As you might guess, her family came here after spending two years in a refugee camp.

    Look at the millions who have marched into Europe courtesy of Merkel’s invitation. Do they look like poor down-trodden and desperate people to you? Most certainly don’t from this side of the world. The majority are young men, with their mobile phones (who’s paying for those?) and designer clothes. Give me a break! Don’t ask me for sympathy!

    My sympathy goes to those Europeans whose ancestors struggled for the right to live their lives in the way they want, and are now having to accept conclaves of people who refuse to accept the fact that the very least they can do is to comply with the laws and culture of those who have offered them a home.

    Oz, one of the reasons this site works is quite simple – the people who reside here are very civilised people who see the sense of the ‘Leges Icenorum’!

  3. Actually Janus, I don’t have too much of a problem with distinguishing between the bona fide and the opportunist or unfriendly ‘refugees’.


    Can we’ build a wall’?
    Don’t worry I’m happy to abuse any any pinko liberals that come!
    Especially from Ireland.

  4. So you should be, Janus. New blood would be good and should be welcomed. I’m sure we can deal with any “unfriendlies”.

  5. Metin Yilmaz created a Facebook group for MyT. I blocked a certain pink-o of the Hibernian persuasion out of annoyance. The last time he was here he proved to be most distracting and disruptive. I hope we shan’t meet again.

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