22 thoughts on “Mr Malaprop”

  1. I can’t agree that he is a bumbling oaf. He has managed to see off 17 Republican rivals with very little trouble.
    The more fools the smug self referring inhabitants of inside the beltway that they never saw it coming.

    Bet he wins in November and no one will own him, he will be beholden to no group and good for that.
    About time a politician, any politician, put the wishes of an electorate first, front and foremost.

    Most are sick and tired of bullshit and PC, both in the USA and the UK.

  2. I don’t think he is quite that loose, so to speak.
    He is used to getting his own way come hell or high water, it will be interesting to see him versus the Chinese.
    I suspect they won’t find him anything like the push over that previous presidents have been. Far too much chink crap sold here, about time they were stopped dumping their crap to keep themselves going at the rest of the world’s expense.
    It is also well overdue that countries paid for their own defence rather than expecting the USA to do it for them.
    I doubt he’ll build a wall, more’s the pity! But I would just love to see him keep the ragheads out and fix Isis for good and proper. Considering what is happening in the middle East could it be much worse than previous efforts? what a mess, rather an all out war than this continual blowing up of civilians on our streets.
    I hope he turns out to be the ruthless bastard that he promises to be. Anything would be better than the religious maniac Cruz, what a meltdown! Can’t see Trump ever doing such.

    I bet Putin and Trump would like each other.

  3. True.
    But the Trump train has surely invigorated the primaries, usually the most boring thing on God’s green earth and to be endured for months!

  4. <b< christinaosborne “…I hope he turns out to be the ruthless bastard that he promises to be. Anything would be better than the religious maniac Cruz, what a meltdown! Can’t see Trump ever doing such.
    I bet Putin and Trump would like each other….”

    Absolutely !

    Go for it Donald !!!

  5. J: between his personal fortune and small contributions from his cult-like devotees this isn’t a problem. He also has the media giving him free advertising space.

  6. Ach weel, C, the IRS are watching to see where his liquid funds show up! And the meeja tend to be fickle supporters when the excreta hit the ventaxia.

  7. Janus: Short answers. Can he be stopped? “no”. Can he muster the funds? “yes”.

    Just for the record here is the spending so far.

    Trump $48m, PACS -$65m, Total -$17m (Stop Trump PACS spent $67m on negative campaign)

    Lyin’ Ted $70m, PACS $37m, Total $107m

    Kasich $15m, PACS $21m, Total $36m

    JEB $35m, PACS $110m, Total $145m

    Trump has no formal fund raising program but collected $48 m in “small contributions from his cult-like devotees” (thanks Christopher)

    Over on the Left, the real experts at spending other peoples money, we have

    ‘Orrible ‘illary $157m, PACS $32m, Total $189m

    Marxist BS $168m, PACS $0.1m, Total $168m

    Data from NY Times, good to end of first Q 2016.

    The Presidential campaign STARTS August 2016.

  8. I’m just plain old tired of having the presidency sold like a side of beef. So anything that upsets the status quo is just fine by me.
    It is at least amusing to see so many noses out of joint.

    I just wish that slimeball Cameron would get his comeuppance too. Not too much chance of that alas, the British have lost their balls, not our generation but the young ones, pampered little ninnies.

  9. Hello Janus: Sometimes here, often not. Busy, but I did go to the Trump rally in Harrington (Delaware) a few weeks back just to see what all the fuss was about (I have not trusted the mainstream media since 1969). Interesting day, may try a post when we get a rainy day.
    Minor correction to the above comment. I see in today’s WSJ that Trump has announced he will have a fund raising organisation for the election.
    So far no significant offers from the elected Republicans to go on the record supporting Donald, that in itself may have more downside than up if they are up for re-election this year. Defenestration time in the GOP, it’s either jump or be pushed, no good hiding under the desk in your office. Next six months should be a lot of fun.

  10. Yes, the Donald appears to be a buffoon,but he is a billionaire buffoon, so he cannot be completely daft. (Think Boris). As for Billary, her only achievement would be to make Obama seem like a competent POTUS.

  11. FEEG, I can think of other brilliant moneymakers who would make equally appalling head of state!

    And some fine heads of state who would have been lousy at biz!

  12. Christina, yes I agree, the young generation seems to be a bit hipster like and misses reality and conviction. For that reason,I find it difficult to make sarcastic jokes like some of you do. There does not seem to be a hero on the horizon, which we need for bailing us all out, such that the world gets reformed from failure to success without unnecessarily losing civilian lifes.

  13. Hi Janus and all,

    I’ve not really been following the carnival but how’s the democrat ticket going? Is Sanders putting up much of a fight?

    In other political news I voted today.

  14. Well, JW, Bernie strikes me as a little old man, try as he might to harangue and give it large to Billary. He can still win – mathematically – but won’t.

  15. Welcome Bettina!

    Trump may appear to be a buffoon – but he obviously is no fool. I don’t know enough about US politics – but I find the whole presidential election ra-ra to be the biggest comedy show on earth – which has absolutely nothing to do with democracy. As an outsider the whole process seems to me to be the epitome of the saying “Let the richest man win”.

    I wonder if Trump will get as far as the final post. America has an unfortunate habit of settling a political problem (as I suspect Trump is) with an assassination.

    A few years ago Queensland voted in a maverick PM, he only lasted one term – but he certainly got things done while he was in power! And that is what, perhaps, Western societies need – a few maverick leaders who don’t kow-tow to the PC mob who are determined to give their countries over to any Tom, Dick or Harry who arrives on their door-step and stand up for the people whose ancestors have put in the work to make their countries places in which they want to live.

  16. J: The Donald has not only made a lot of money but run a large hotel chain very well, but I still think he is a bit of a buffoon.

    I think that no one should be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power until they have done a proper job, and I do not mean as a political researcher or PR man. So that excludes most of the present shambles throughout the world. Proper job could mean running a family home, running a business or driving a bus und so weiter. As for lawyers, they seem to spend their time concocting new laws that will guarantee income for all of their kind so should be treated with suspicion. I stand by my assertion that Billary would make Barry look good!

  17. Just seen an analysis showing Trump is the least ‘favourable’ candidate in 40 years, scoring a touch worse than….Hillary! Is this a good election for Murca?

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