There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers

“Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase.” – Bill Struth, legendary Rangers manager.

Congratulations to Glasgow Rangers on winning the Scottish Championship and being promoted to the top tier of Scottish football. Well played, Rangers.

If you’re not from the west of Scotland it’s hard to explain the passion of being a supporter of the world’s most successful football club. Quintessentially British, Rangers are more than a club, they are an institution. My grandfather supported Rangers, my old man supported Rangers, I support Rangers and my sons support Rangers. You don’t need to ask who the unborn grandweans will support. It’s a Rangers family thing. And there’s hundreds of thousands of Rangers families like that. Now we’re back where we belong, next season we’re going for title 55.

History. We’re Rangers, we’ve got plenty of that.

8 thoughts on “There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers”

  1. Congratulations. The Lion is rampant indeed! Let battle begin! There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers! No not one! And ne’er shall be one!

  2. Haw Hun!

    Aye ready,my left buttock! What took you so long?

    Oh yes, now I remember.

    In truth, well done and welcome back to the top tier. Scottish football needs both your team and your fans to be there.

    Hope we gub you big time next year, of course.

  3. I was idly listening to a sports report early yesterday morning when the duty autocue reader stated blithely that Rangers had won the title and would be playing in the premiership next season.

    My blood froze and the Earth tilted on its axis. “C*ltic”, my barely awake brain screamed at me, “Hordes of hairy Jocks marauding around the country every other Saturday?” Then order was partially restored. “No worries”, the brain reasoned, taking a deep breath, “Just get them to Anfield, give them a drubbing and send them home again to think again.” Eventually, the brain and I finally got our act together. “Nah, the Sky wonk was talking about the McPremiership, not THE Premiership”, we agreed and all was well again.

    It gave me a right nasty turn for a moment though I can tell you.


  4. The Journey has been eventful, JM. Yes, we had an unhappy sojourn in the second flight but we’re back now.

    OZ, another funny comment. Cheers! It is good that you edit your own bad language. Saves me a job. There’s a good game on tonight in the Europa. Clippety Klopp (Spring equinox quiz #7) will be tip-toeing back to the Westfalenstadion. Hoping for a reds win but can’t see it.

  5. JW – We thought we should keep your interest going with a healthy 1-1 away draw. Now we welcome the Westfahlians [Zer Chermanz drop the ‘h’, change a vowel and call the region Westfalen – Ed] to Anfield for one of those European night hoofings for which The Mighty Reds are famous.

    I hope.


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