Everything will be alright

The man of many disguises, David Bowie, has created more personas than there are characters in the Honoré de Balzac La Comédie humaine collection. Furthermore, the biblical proportions of Cecil B. DeMille’s extras are sparse in comparison with The Ziggy Aladdin Duke’s creations. He did the lot. He sang, he wrote songs, lyrics, performed live, he narrated, he mimed, he acted, he painted. He gayed, he ungayed. He married a model. He was a father, he pushed prams.

Bowie’s music spanned the whole universe of genres. While not many of us are like Midge Ure and love the complete Bowie cake, there are slices of it that taste beautiful. This little gem was released in beware the savage jaw of 1984. A song that always cheers me up.

5 thoughts on “Everything will be alright”

  1. Haw JW!

    Not going to to let you get away with a No Comment blog. Even if I don’t have much to add.

    Originally, not my kind of music. I was always a folkie and then also became a Classical freak when it became clear to me that that was the only way to Mrs M’s heart. Never regretted that deception and eventually came to love the music involved.

    But, when Ziggy popped his clogs, I Spotifed him big time. I have to admit that I wish that I had my time again and that I had made the effort to listen to his albums first time around. He was clearly class.

  2. David Bowie had substance. I thought this quote was very good: “I think ageing is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person that you always should have been.” – David Bowie.

  3. There’s always room for two tributes, J.

    And while I’m here I’m saddened to hear that Johan Cruyff died today. A wonderful footballer.

  4. Not carping, JW. I agree.

    About Cruyff too. Pity young prodigies rarely last these days. Too much of everything, I suspect.

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