Basic instincts

We are all dissatisfied with our political leaders. No change there then – ’twas ever thus according to even the reliable sources.

So what can be done about it? Support radical groups, rabble-rousers and Trump?

Trouble is – gee whiz- we’ll end up with national policies based on our least human/humane feelings about our needs and ambitions. Greed, envy, hatred, hypocrisy, self-obsession and suspicion of everyone else.

So help me out here, please.

Author: janus

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14 thoughts on “Basic instincts”

  1. Have a good war!
    Place needs a clear out, overpopulated, too much gormless rubbish around. A good purge of 50% of the world population should do the trick and ensure peace and quiet for 100 years or so until the next time.

    Greed, envy, hatred, hypocrisy, self-obsession and suspicion of everyone else. These are inherent in the human psyche and always have been. Trouble is, you have swallowed and believed too much altruistic PC guff. Humanity is tribal, that is how we are from the beginning. We are not programmed to looking after those who are not our own.

    After a good war you generally get military leaders as ‘politicians’ who are competent. If you lose, it isn’t your choice anyway!!

  2. CO, me? Swallowed? I don’t even taste! I know where we are and where we’ll end up but unlike yourstruly I don’t think it’s too late.

  3. It takes a very exceptional person to be a leader of men and by definition there aren’t many about. Those that are probably don’t want to jump into the cesspit of politics.
    I’d say that the four most important characteristics in a leader are, in no particular order, humility, courage, wisdom and ruthlessness.

  4. Bring back the Aristocracy. But if you have to have ‘democracy’ in any form, limit the vote to no more than 50% of the population, and base the right to do so on qualifications that include intellect, education, capacity to work and minimum age.

    Universal suffrage has done more damage to society than can be imagined. People no longer care about their community, or people living in it. They only care about their rights.

    Introducing alien cultures destroys a community, unless those aliens do their best to integrate as quickly as possible. A multi-cultural society is a contradiction in terms.

  5. sipu, I certainly agree with you that universal adult suffrage has not been an unqualified success!
    Should have stopped with the Third Reform Act, 1884 but made it for both sexes and left it at that.

  6. I don’t think that universal sufferage can easily be rolled back, we just have to live with the consequences. Our voting system should be reformed, it’s become corrupt and no more than a fiefdom for established political interests.

  7. Jazz – ‘It takes a very exceptional person to be a leader of men and by definition there aren’t many about.’ I could not agree more and would refer M’Leaned friend and all other cherished colleagues to the following two links from the DT, yesterday and today.

    Firstly, This, which gave me such a frisson of outraged schadenfreude I could barely contain my desire to write a post about it, and then This too, which set my fur in ‘extremely frizzy’ mode all day and merely enhances the impression that there is one rule for the self-gilded ones and another for those entitled to elect them who vainly hoped for, yet still deserve, much, much better.


  8. Janus – It is a dilemma. Modern democracy seems (to me at least) to have got it all back to front. I was under the impression that democracy meant rule by the people – and that those whom we elect should be doing what we want …

    However, somehow the system seems to have been turned on its head and the people we ‘elect’ seem to think that they have been elected to ‘lead’ us – regardless of what we want.

    But that is the electorates fault. It wasn’t so bad when, in general, pollies acted in the interests and wishes of the majority of the electorate. And I guess that that is when the rot set in – and the idea of being ‘leaders’ rather than ‘representatives’ started to take hold.

    I’m not sure how those (like me) who railed against the idea of electing ‘leaders’ rather than representatives could have changed anything. It was the easiest way for most people. But the electorate have given the present pollies all the power they need to do exactly what they want. And they will not willingly relinquish it – because no one and no group ever willingly gives up power.

    I, also, don’t want to be seen as a radical, rabble-rouser, extremist. It goes against everything I believed in! But, and a big BUT, I have many, many sympathies with what these ‘extremists’ are saying.

    But we have to acknowledge that had the pollies listened to moderates, who did not like what they were doing, there would never have been the need for the opposition to have a very loud voice – and the extremists would never have gained the prominence they have.

    It’s a case of what I think is more important – accepting something I don’t think is right or standing up for what I believe is right. And Common Sense tells me that I am right… and the pollies are wrong. And so I add my voice to the opposition…

    I don’t think that allowing extremists a voice will, necessarily, lead to policies based on the worst of human emotions – as long as present Governments deal with the issues that are troubling so many of their citizens. God help us all, if they don’t – because the extremists will take power.

    One of things that history teaches us is that while factions unite to oppose the big problems, they tend to fall apart once those problems have been dealt with. I am, actually, an optimist, and I truly believe in the goodness of most people – otherwise how would we in the West have created such a liberated (even if limited) Society?

    My advice to those who worry about being ‘counted’ amongst the ‘extremists’ is to stand up and to be counted so that Governments fully understand that their policies are alienating middle of the road voters.

    Oz – Why are you surprised? The New Aristocracy, our elected masters, are only doing what those with power have always done – use and make the laws that benefit them.

  9. And now the NH Primary celebrates Trump. He is pushing all the rebel buttons, just as Hutler did. Let’s blame everybody except pure Americans for our problems. Let’s arm the people, torture the suspects, reap the whirlwind! I blame – yes – you know who. 😑

  10. Christina, what do you mean by this? “Should have stopped with the Third Reform Act, 1884 but made it for both sexes and left it at that.”

    Both sexes? Really? Only two? You are so issssst!

  11. I am not at all sure that in 1884 they had transgenders, queers, bisexuals, asexuals etc.
    And if they did, they were kept in cupboards along with the unicorns and dragons!
    Oh how one wishes they still were kept in cupboards!

    Note, they let isssts out to go gardening, their natural habitat.

  12. CO: There was plenty of it then as well. Oscar Wilde comes to mind. It was broadly tolerated so long as it was kept where all sorts of sexual intrigues were to kept — at home and out of public sight. In Italy they had a long tradition of “lady boys” that was only stamped out by Mussolini despite popular outrage in its Naples heartland. Now if you want to hear some right perversion read about the 18th century aristocracy.

  13. Boadicea, when I read that such and such a politician or “celeb” is in favour of staying in or getting out of the EU, I remind myself that said person only has one vote, same as me. On the front page of the DT today was the news that Idris Elba (who he?) had split up with his girl friend. Wow! Any newspaper that wastes front page space on this is in a bad way so I won’t pay too much attention when it warns us of all the dangers of escaping from the European swamp.

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