Use it or lose it . . .

Since Janus inexplicably removed his latest post a couple of days ago, there have been no further posts from anyone and only one comment, from Sipu.

I have no idea why all you honoured Charioteers have ceased using the site, but of course that’s entirely up to you.

Anyway, and all that, if the inactivity continues for a few more days, The Chariot will be taken onย its slow,ย sad journey to the knackers yard, there to be broken up as spare parts.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Use it or lose it . . .”

  1. I accept responsibilty only for my own posts, comments and absence! Sipu and Jazz between them started ad hominem behaviour. That’s what, I suspect, drives colleagues away. Having said that, I think the critical mass has now done its stuff – rhe chariot is dead. A few absentees will now cry ‘oh no’ for a few days before the last rites fall due. ๐Ÿ˜•

  2. Sorry you feel like that Janus. I didn’t actually feel that there was an ad hominem attack – and we (not the Royal We (!) – but both Bearsy and I) supported your decision to remove a comment you felt inappropriate. I know that the charioteers have diverse opinions – and that is what the site is supposed to reflect.

    My eyes are not sufficiently good to see what your icon is … but then I’m a little ( only a very little!) bit older than you… ๐Ÿ™‚ smiley

  3. Oh do stop prophesying that the end is nigh, Janus. The silence was like that at a party when two people enter the room in the same dress. It only lasts a minute.

  4. Storms and teacups come to mind!
    It’ll pass, it always does.
    Seriously not worth getting excited over.

  5. A Good New Year to you, Bearsy.

    A timely reminder. Thanks yet again for the site. I would miss it very much if it did fold its tent and ‘silently steal away’,

    Is it not knacker’s?

  6. For a while I thought mine would be the last ever comment on the Chariot. I am glad it is not so. Well, put it this way, I am glad my last comment was not the last comment. But, if there is going to be a last comment, I would like it to be mine.

    Looking at the last comment, I am curious about the use of capitalisation of the phrase, and I quote, “A Good New Year”. Is that an idiosyncrasy that is peculiar to the burghers of Edinburgh?

  7. Aren’t you a classicist, Janus, albeit of Oxford? Are you going to explain your avatar to Boadicea as she asked? Or will you leave it to one of us plebs?

  8. It didn’t strike me as a long interregnum at all. More like a breather to let all the feather flatten down again.

  9. Sheona – Boadicea is well aware of the Janus mythology (or whatever). What she was referring to was not his avatar, but the tiny-teensy Apple smilely that Janus had used at the end of his comment. I do wish he wouldn’t, but he apparently has an aversion to the WordPress versions, for some arcane reason.

  10. Mr Mackie, Sir – It could be knacker’s, or it might be knackers’ as they usually hunt in packs, but I was following modern usage and sitting on the plurality fence. Or sommat like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Bearsy, I don’t have the WordPress emoticons on my very smart phone, do I? Maybe I can get them and avoid your mild displeasure.

    As for knackers yard, they may not be possessive, merely resident – as in guest room or whore house! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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