Vox populi

Famous men (and women) and our fathers that begat us are never safe from censure as ideas evolve.

Back in the day (horrible expression) a scion of my college had his portrait re-titled ‘Haig the Butcher, 1 million dead’. The job was so professional that it was several weeks before it was spotted.

Now colonial torch-bearer Rhodes is the target; Oriel College has decided to disown his values.

‘And?’ you ask. Well, it’s a shame the facetwats can’t indulge their own prejudices without trying to rewrite history. Haig and Rhodes did important things, like them or not.

Author: janus

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16 thoughts on “Vox populi”

  1. “..Back in the day (horrible expression…..”

    Why use it then ?

    Re. Students, I expect that the majority of them just want to work and obtain the best degree that they can, although many of them would probably benefit more by acquiring a worthwhile skill, but that’s a different argument.
    University authorities should man up and tell the anti free speech brigade to shut up or sling their hooks.

  2. Mornin’, Janus. The problem always arises when Facetwatters transfer their prejudices to the real world, thinking that their view is absolutely and undeniably correct solely because they have a Facetwat account.


  3. Jazz, you know me – playing word games just to provoke! ๐Ÿ˜

    My great nephew is now reading Physics with Medical Applications. That’s pretty worthwhile I’d say.

  4. Jazz is quite correct. Many students are studying worthless degrees that will mean nothing in the real world. The PC brigade should not so much sling their hooks as be given the bums rush out of the door. Medical Physics is indeed a useful degree, as long as your relative then looks for a job that involves using or something similar.

  5. janus My great nephew is now reading Physics with Medical Applications. Thatโ€™s pretty worthwhile Iโ€™d say.

    I agree.

    It was sociology, PPE and the endless list of arts degrees that I had in mind.

  6. Jazz, ‘worthwhile’ is a subjective description. Not sure that you can write off every subject that smacks of academia. The world would be a poor place if all we had was technology.

  7. Somebody should tell them that Rhodes was as ‘queer as a fiddler’s bitch’! That should change their minds PDQ.

    Bessarabian clog dancing has to be the most useful degree ever!

  8. I wish the “PC’ brigade of students would be taught / learn that people, like Rhodes, made the world that gave them the opportunity to be what they are.

  9. Of course they should also remove all references to Baden Powell from the Scouting movement, seeing as how he worked for Rhodes and learned his skills in Rhodesia, while fighting the Matabele. Baden Powell House on Cromwell (another baddy) should be pulled down.


    And while they are about it, many of the US presidents owned slaves, including Washington, Jefferson and Jackson, all of whose faces appear on various US$ bills. I wonder if any of these free thinking people would refuse a gift of $1,000 in $20 bills! (Andrew Jackson). Jackson was not very nice to the pesky Redskins either.

  10. Jeff Davis (him of the Confederacy) and Woodrow Wilson (segregationalist) are gone from the University of Texas ( a hotbed of liberalism apparently) and WW is also under threat at Princeton. Doings of “The Black Justice League” (Batman and Supergirl founding members?). One of their mantras “separate space but equal” would sound frighteningly familiar to both Presidents.

    Sipu: Poor old Woodrow only figured on the $100,000 note, one or two of which would by nice for Christmas (or perhaps Kwanza).

  11. Hi LW, my particular gripe with Woodrow Wilson was his claim that all people had a right to self-determination. It was that muddled thinking more than almost anything else that brought about the current binge of despotic democracies that exist in Africa and elsewhere. Of course, having come into the War late, but in time to claim to have won it for the Allies, the US and Wilson were in a strong position to dictate how the battle weary old world should conduct itself.

    To be fair, I had not realised he was a segregationist nor did I realise that he was a good ol’ boy raised in Georgia. When I lived in Atlanta, in the 1990s, I found it to be more segregated than Bloemfontein had been under apartheid. Perhaps I exaggerate a tad, but only a tad.

    I found this, which was very educational.http://www.bu.edu/professorvoices/2013/03/04/the-long-forgotten-racial-attitudes-and-policies-of-woodrow-wilson/

    The other president who cocked things up, somewhat, was old Tom Jefferson who maintained that all men were created equal. Of course he did only mean men and white ones at that, but still, it was very silly of him.

    In closing, a reminder of that most unlikely of iconoclasts, Bubba Watson.

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