Trump for the White House?

There’s enough hatred and irrational behaviour over there to make it possible.

Hillary is a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination but the Bewigged Bigot could well buy his way to the show-down. Then what?

I’m afraid that if contemporary events conspire with his paranoia, he’ll lead the Americans to war with Islam.

A crazy thought? Persuade me it is.

Author: janus

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30 thoughts on “Trump for the White House?”

  1. “contemporary events conspire with his paranoia, he’ll lead the Americans to war with Islam.”

    Should such events happen they will have declared war on us and we will need such men to have the balls to do what is necessary and what should have been done a long long time ago.
    Give me the likes of Trump and Putin any day of the week over nation destroying Merkel and vacillating cowardly Dave. Both of whom are only too willing to sell their nations up the river.

    How many corpses of innocent bystanders does it take before it it justifiable retribution rather than paranoia?
    Why is it bigotry to be very wary of those trying to kill you in underhand and cowardly ways, who all just happen to have the same religion (of peace, of course!)?

    Why not have a few migrants in your woods if you feel this way? Go on, volunteer.

  2. I was right. There probably are enough bigots to put him in office. Meanwhile his smart crack about London implies that the UK is somehow atypical in that regard (which it isn’t) and his policies would solve the problem (which they would not). Lynch mob ideals may suit some folk but not me. God bless America.

  3. “There’s enough hatred and irrational behaviour over there to make it possible.”

    No there isn’t, not nearly enough.

    “Hillary is a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination but the Bewigged Bigot could well buy his way to the show-down. Then what?”

    Yes, unfortunately she is, and could easily be the worst president since, well, Obama.

    Trump could get the Republican nomination, if the party let him, then he will lose the election. If the party refuse to accept him he will run as an Independent, and lose the election for himself and the Republicans

    “I’m afraid that if contemporary events conspire with his paranoia, he’ll lead the Americans to war with Islam. ”

    It’s time someone did, my guess it will be the US playing policeman for the appeasers again.

    “A crazy thought? Persuade me it is.”

    Not crazy, astonishing ignorance of the current situation perhaps.

  4. I read an article a few days ago that reckoned there were two interesting on-line petitions to Westminster at the moment; one demanding that Trump be banned from the UK and the other demanding that immigration to the UK be stopped until ISIS has been dealt with – they apparently both have roughly the same number of signatures… as far as I’m concerned that says it all about the muddled thinking of the West.

    ISIS has declared war on the West. It is not a conventional war in the way that we in the West have generally fought wars in the past – but it is war nonetheless. Let’s face it a large number of conflicts have been won by those who refused to abide by the rules of conventional warfare ISIS is no different.

    Unless we in the West and those who want to live under Western Democracies, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist or whatever, unite and fight together we will all lose – every single one of us.

    It is an extremely difficult tight-rope to walk – since we have to get those Muslims who deny that ISIS represents an earlier violent attitude, to walk hand-in-hand with us. But we can’t do that if we ourselves refuse to acknowledge the problem really is with Islam and cannot persuade those Muslims who refuse to deal with their fundamentalist brethren.

  5. Boa, yes. I’m afraid too few westerners will react until the wolf is at the door. And peaceful muslims openly admit they are scared to speak out against extremists. But marginalising them by banning migration will not solve anything.

  6. Well then we could get on with a serious bit of mosque burning. All the effort so far in that direction seem to be so half hearted!
    Perhaps they could community classes in arson.

  7. Janus – it isn’t fear of speaking out against fundamental Islam – it’s that they flatly refuse to acknowledge that the fundamentalists are Muslims. All they ever say is that what ISIS does isn’t Islam. Well maybe it isn’t their version of Islam – but one only has to look back in to see that originally Islam did convert by the sword and that is precisely what ISIS is doing now.

  8. I see no reason to expect that tribal traditions should have somehow become modernised or civilised. Human frailties persist over time.

  9. That’s absolutely right Sipu – 🙂

    Janus –

    ! see no reason to expect that tribal traditions should have somehow become modernised or civilised. Human frailties persist over time.

    Why not? The world has changed quite a bit since the end of the 6th C. If groups of people want to follow their own tribal traditions they should stay in those countries that accept those tribal traditions – they should not expect to move to countries with their own tribal traditions and expect those countries to accept, or convert to the cultures, beliefs and traditions of the Middle East in the 6th C.

  10. I know it’s an obvious point but our religious wars started in the 1520’s. It’s only 1437 as far as the Islamic sects are concerned so maybe they’re actually ahead of the curve in terms of becoming ‘civilised’? Smiley thing.

    Whatever. It is true that we are all in for a very long haul unless and until we destroy Isis and their ilk, doing whatever it takes and accepting all the grief and instances of barbarity that there will be.along the way. Even if we do succeed in that objective, there will still be lone nutters to deal with,

    I agree, however, with Janus in that I do not believe that stopping Islamic immigration now will do any good. Far too late and only likely to ratchet things up. In my opinion.

    On Trump, if I was a US citizen I would not vote for him. This is despite the fact that there must be a slight chance that I am related to him, His mother, Mary Anne MacLeod hailed from Lewis which is where my MacLeod ancestors trod the turf. Here’s Cousin Donald visiting his mum’s birthplace.

    It is alleged that he thought that he was striking a Churchillian pose for the camera!

    Only my opinion again but the man is a buffoon. He inherited his wealth and has been about as useful as the proverbial servant (Matthew 25: 14-30) with the talent that his Dad gave him. An arrogant and posturing waste of space who is ruining any chance of the GOP winning the Presidential election in 2016.

    LW. is right. If Trump does not get the Republican nomination, he will, almost certainly, run as an Independent and hand the election to Hillary. I personally think that this would not be a good thing.

    C’mon Mario Rubio!

  11. I do not like Donald Trump. Having said that, I do not think him anywhere near the fool and idiot that others do.
    I suspect that he is a very clever operator. Playing the fool tends to lull the opposition into complacency.

    He knew full well that there was a base in the USA, as there is in every western democracy, of frustrated population that do not think the extreme muslim business is being addressed by their politicians. They see their culture being swamped, Immigrant wogs being put to the front of the queue for all services, remonstration met with ‘hate crimes’ etc etc.
    Apart from Marie Le Pen and Putin he is the only one to stand up and represent these people. Good on him! I suspect he deliberately went out to appeal to this unfulfilled market.
    An excellent niche on which to run and seemingly run and run, no other bugger would touch it with a bargepole!

    No man makes billions from one million by being a fool.
    All very amusing and considering how unbelievably sclerotic the normal election process is here in the USA where campaigns run for two years of every term and everyone is bored to death with the whole thing months before it comes. A very welcome relief. Whatever comes of it, there is a silver lining. The wogs have had a serious shot across their bows. Delicately put, shape up or ship out. No Caliphate in the dear old US of A.
    Nobody here gives a tinkers cuss what any European politician thinks of the whole process, except the BBC world service. What a surprise!!.

  12. The ‘establishment’ in France has today stuffed the Front Nationale to prevent them making gains just when it really matters, a bit like UKIP securing more than 12 % of votes but only getting one MP, whereas the SNP won only 4.7% yet ended up with 56 racist, self centred spongers honourable members taking selfies of themselves in the chamber of the Mother of Parliaments.

    I do not like Donald J either. Anyone who has to nail the mortal remains of a ginger rat to his noggin in an attempt to appear plausible cannot, in my humble thingey, be taken seriously. Having said that, he obviously captures a fair percentage of popular Murcan sentiment, however non-PC and naive it may be, and will therefore be defeated by the ‘establishment’ within the Washington beltway.

    No matter how you vote, the ‘establishment’ always wins.


  13. CO: “no caliphate in the…” Ho, hum. It’s already there and Canada’s lesser neighbours have no-go compounds that make the worst Muslim sink estates in the UK or France look like Belgravia. Actually, the worst neighbourhoods in the UK and Europe are still better than the likes of the Islamic Republics of Dearborn, Buffalo and Paterson. Then again, considering crime rates in Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Detroit, etc. the lesser North Americans don’t need a caliphate. They’re perfectly capable in causing as much damage to themselves.

    Oz: the establishment today are the most entitled and complacent they’ve been since the 1840s. They have managed to maintain their position through manipulation and chicanery, but they are able to influence their electorates less and less with each voting cycle. The Septics, likely in a weak moment, came up with a good idea. All candidates for Congress, both House and Senate, are selected by voters. Many of the worst specimens were unceremoniously removed from their positions by voters who had enough of their ilk.

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