And Hamburg Votes “Nein”.

I came a cross a story that will surely warm CO’s heart and bring a broad smile across her face. The residents of Hamburg and Kiel have rejected the ghastly, 11-billion-euro white elephant known as the 2024 Olympics in a referendum. This leaves only Paris, Budapest, Rome and Los Angeles as candidates.

Interesting, in the past the list of candidates was longer — have more authorities started seeing the light like Oslo by slapping the IOC’s snouts before they could bury them in troughs? Maybe they should hold the Olympics in Damascus, Tripoli or Dhaka! Perhaps a combination of all of them, that would serve them right! Although the defeat was relatively narrow, 51.6 pc to 48.4pc the sound judgement of the heirs of the Hanseatic League saw-off a fiscal nightmare. Naturally the great and good in Germany are miffed that mere peasants could scuttle their most grandiose vanity project yet! They might just have to concentrate on Berlin’s new airport or finding ways to keep the bits of Germany that haven’t fallen into disrepair due to neglect from crumbling as well! Perhaps it is time to give German voters more say in how their country is run rather than give unfettered might to the clique of mediocrities and cretins who have mismanaged the country in a most dictatorial way.

Oh, and Germany will send some 1,200 soldiers to fight ISIS. I beg to ask with what, broomsticks? Perhaps they could borrow surplus Belarussian aircraft? Considering the Bundeswehr’s pitiful performance in Afghanistan (Wah! They’re shooting, not fair!!!) and the generally pathetic state of Germany’s armed forces they might prefer doing something more useful like dropping leaflets showing Angela Honecker, I mean, Merkel in a mini-bikini with a caption reading “your 72 virgins await you”.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

22 thoughts on “And Hamburg Votes “Nein”.”

  1. Brilliant!
    I don’t think they are the only place to decline the dubious pleasure of throwing good money down the drain of the IOC (only outdone by snouts of FIFA!) I was listening to Canadian radio late a few nights ago, nearly asleep and I am sure they mentioned several other countries that had withdrawn their interest in various games, far into the future. Sorry can’t remember specifics but some were down to only a couple of places.
    About bloody time people saw the light and not through holes in their pockets!
    It should be sent back to Greece, It was all their fault in the first place. Preferably to an island full of refugees and all their clothes should be taken away, back to basics! Watch the wogs scamper back whence they came and can you imagine the Fat Cats IOC with their rolls of fat watching? The unbearable dilemma of where to hide you bungs in the fat rolls and unspeakable elsewheres!

    Delicious! Might almost be worth watching!

  2. I have another idea! Summer Olympics in Greece — hot and miserable. Winter Olympics in China — bitterly cold with horrendous air pollution. I had a good laugh at the options for the 2022 Winter Games after Oslo told them to get stuffed — Almaty or Beijing. Serves them right! Really, I don’t see why the Olympics are a bigger ado than the NHK Trophy, World Championship, Canada on Ice, Commonwealth Games, etc.

  3. I am well known for my anti-olympic stance here, have been all my life. I am totally against professional sport in any way, shape or form. They all need to stop sucking off the tit and get a real job. Another form of benefits in my opinion. Who gives a damn who can kick, hit, smash a ball or run faster than the next.
    I certainly don’t. Fortunately there are sufficient men who feel exactly the same way to find a husband. Never even went out with anyone who was a sports fanatic. Weeded them out good and early!

    I do not object to amateur sport for exercise.

  4. At school I was dragooned into organised sports which I hated. Had no problems with going for a run, swimming, PT, or sailing I.e. good physical exercise. But rugby, football, cricket and tennis ? Yawnsville IMHO not in the least bit character building or at least not the right sort of character.
    I think it is important that school children are made to take strenuous daily excercise combined with physical education for the benefit of their health but should not be forced by witless hearties to participate against their will in organised sports.
    As for the Olympics, World Cup etc please God no anywhere but here.

  5. Gaz: it’s not “anti” — it’s pro-common sense!

    CO: I can’t be arsed to watch most sports. Mostly, it’s men playing with their balls. The exceptions I make are for sports that require actual artistry, talent and discipline like figure skating, diving and gymnastics. I invariably cheer for the Japanese as they are often the best and are not wretched braggarts.

    Jazz: I was under pressure to join wrestling teams. I never quite liked the idea of tangling with sweaty man in leotards and avoided it like the plague. I enjoy sports and working out, but I’m a lone wolf. (Sorry, Oz)

  6. Backside is muttering that you are a sad bunch of kill-joys. Nothing so bracing on a weekend as stripping off, convening with a bunch of aggressive fellows to pit wit and brawn against other similarly disposed – in fromt of the telly! 😳

  7. Backside is not amused. Sports telly is all he’s got when I’m discussing the fate of the universe with like-minded sages. Luckily for him the tv is behind me.

  8. Send the Olympics back to Greece and let all those who want to participate contribute to the upkeep of the site.

  9. Veering slightly off topic, I was idly googling ‘International Olympic Committee’ n order to appear sage and well eddjucated in support of Boadicea’s proposal and came upon this on the IOC website


    Is there no end to French arrogance? HM The Queen was greeted at the 2012 closing ceremony in London by some Pouffe pontificating in French with a translation thereafter for the rest of the English speaking world. As I mentioned at the time,

    ‘And finally, at number one by a country mile

    1 Her Majesty arrives at the Olympic Games, Her Majesty’s Olympics, our Olympics, in London, only to be greeted in French by the Comité International Olympique with a subsequent English translation for the rest of the world to understand. And all through the Games it was the same for all British medal winners, receiving a medal on home soil to recognisie a lifetime achievement and receiving it to a French backing track. The closing ceremony was no better. “ Mesdames et Monsieurs”…my Arse! Do you think the reverse would have happened had Les Grenouilles been awarded 2012 and the whole kerfuffle had been held in Paris? No, I didn’t think so.’

    Olympic Stramash

    It was my number one hate back then, and remains so, and now Les Grenuilles want to impose the French lingo on the Portuguese speaking host country of the next bunfight.

    Yes, set the Olympics somewhere in Greece in perpetuity and let it be funded by those who wish to participate. And let the official Olympic language be Greek, with simultaneous translations into English for the majority and other languages (including French) as needs must. Je ne suis pas Francais, so let them go and sing La Mayonnaise. They didn’t last five minutes in War anyway.


  10. OZ, Monsieur Chauvin was a frog, as froggish as John Bull is one of us. They don’t win much because they don’t dare compete, in peace and war alike.

  11. Oz: Brazilians are generally good-natured so they are unlikely to take too much umbrage at it. That, and Brazilians are invariably chuffed when people understand that they speak an African-tinged Portuguese, not Cathtellano. French is still used in a number of contexts as a legacy of a time when it was the language of diplomacy. The Olympics are one of them, passports are another. The information page of mine is written in Hunnish, English and Froggish. Even my national ID card (Personal Ausweis) is written in Hunnish, English and Froggish. They had a right fit when the Land of the Long White Cloud elected to dispense with Froggish entirely from their passports and replace it with Maori.

    At the same time I would prefer to continue using French for the simple reason that the Yanks would rush to fill the vacuum and pretend that they invented English and that they are the only ones who can speak it.

  12. Reading all of these comments brings tears to my eyes. What a bunch of complainers. Sport is one of the best things that humans do, especially olympics, world cup rugby or football and tennis.
    In my experience those that hate sport simply don’t understand it.

    Long live the Olympics!!!!!

  13. Gaz: my problem isn’t necessarily with sports — I watch some and invariably support Japan. No, I’m simply sick of the corruption and politics behind it. I’ve had enough of the sense of entitlement that so many officials have. They’ve ruined the events and are now facing the consequences — not many people want these white elephants any more. Send them back to Greece and let those that wish to support them.

  14. Gaz: if you read the original article you will find that I gave the exact figures of the vote to the tenth-per cent. They’re still popular, but in the past getting public support would not have been this problematic. In recent years a number of Olympic bids have failed because organising committees simply couldn’t gain enough public support for actually hosting them. Once again, the problem isn’t with athletics but with the idiocy of the IOC and the ever-spiralling costs. That they’re stuck with Beijing for the 2022 winter games should be telling enough. No one wants to be in Beijing in the winter, not even Beijingers!

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