Recently nearly half of my recommended news articles on Facebook have concerned the Kardashians. Burma has its first election in decades and a new government is likely — ignored. But they have an article about a Kardashian wearing knickers! So many things are happening and I have to see an article link about a Kardashian’s dress or current gender preference of the day.

Oh well, did I tell you that I will go to Denmark and Sweden this winter?

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

19 thoughts on “Egads!”

  1. You’ll get your fill of weird stuff up here, C! I’m not up to speed on the incidence of underwear but faux-democracy is rife. 😱

  2. Serves you right for engaging in social meedja. Sympathy nil. And this Kardashians thing is wot, exactly? Don’t answer that. Not being on Faceache or Twatter, I am blissfully and usefully unaware and wish to remain so.

    Anyway, I thought you were booked to Thspain for the foreseeable future….


  3. The Kardashian thing probably makes its living from idiots who use “Faceache” and “Twatter”, OZ. Thanks for those lovely words.

  4. Maybe it’s an age thing. I don’t Face or Twat either. Allegedly they are the reason why people do screen things ALL the time, even in company, walking, shopping, driving, like rabbits on heat.

  5. Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but my sister-in-law, an avid Faceache and Twatter exponent, spent a fortnight here two years ago playing something called Candycrush on her tablet from dawn till dusk despite and including OZ’s best hospitality and culinary efforts. At the end of the stay she then took it on herself to lecture me on how I ought to live my life, knowing absolutely nothing about Portugal nor indeed anything of the world beyond the six miles from where she was spawned. This from a self proclaimed ‘teaching assistant’ (aka classroom attendant) whose stated position on education is that you don’t need it because you have Google!!!!!! Much worse still, and personally, because of her Faceache connection she has published details of the Great Wolf’s medical status without his consent and, particularly, the passing of the Great She Wolf, my mother, earlier this year just to get, “Oh poor U, how iz u copin'” twats from her interweb, head banging, shallow, illiterate ‘friends’ , This year they booked a villa elsewhere as the Airhead is no longer welcome in The Cave. Christina would be proud.


  6. OZ, it will be comfort to many of our generation that we are not alone. Such in/laws are the bane of our otherwise uncomplicated lives. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Christina is proud of OZ! The only question is why you didn’t kick them out three days after they arrived?
    I have to confess I did just that to my stepson’s now wife! Told her to piss off to Seattle and never darken my doors again. It took spousal unit a rough five years to see it my way, but then what the hell?
    All my real friends know to put their cell phones away when I arrive, otherwise I just move on to somewhere more conducive to conversation. It is such a blessing to have farms, to which one can retreat that have no mobile and no answerphone! One just turns up, preferably not on market day and the back door will always be open, no one in?. Make a cup of tea, they will turn up in a while!
    Anyway I digress.

    Christopher I’m with OZ on this, more fool you! As for the Kardashian creature. I cannot understand the attraction of a two bit whore of dubious parentage, a touch of the tarbrush and that arse. Needs a jail cell more than anything else for her porn films. What are you going to do in the frozen north this winter then?
    Presumably before you go on to Spain? (I hope you collect airline miles!)

  8. I refuse to use Twatter! I am almost obliged to use Facebook because of my generation. As much as I’d prefer the civility of simply exchanging letters I am stuck with people who aren’t entirely sure what a pen is or how to use it! I do not play computer/video games and utterly refuse to use smart phones.Why people can’t use pigeons is beyond me.

    Oz: I will probably fly to Ethpanha on 29 February as I am to start the first week of March. It was far cheaper for me to fly to Copenhagen than to Luxembourg and I’d much rather spend time with my mate Blondskopf! I had originally intended to fly to Luxembourg and spend a week with the family — but then I realised that nothing had changed with them and that in winter B&Bs were inexpensive in Sweden! Bravo re the “teaching arse,innit?”!

    CO: I report the links as insulting which creates more work for the eejits. As for the Kardashian creature, an unfortunate private jet crash with all on board might be the best best even if all that plastic burns for months after! Yes, before I go to Spain — my relatively are already discussing my general unworthiness and border-line sub-human status. I see no need to spend more money on having to go through that again.

  9. C. I should think not!
    Pity the Kardashians didn’t holiday in Sharm el Sheik, you might have got your wish!!
    General rule of thumb, relatives should be avoided like the plague! I only saw my sister who is tolerable, I didn’t even bother to let either of my brothers know I was there, no point, don’t like them and I’m sure the feelings are mutual!

  10. I wish there was a ‘like’ button on the comments – they’re all truly great! Especially yours Oz – we had a similar experience with a visitor for four weeks – who spent the whole time telling us that her use of the internet was ‘free’ (until Bearsy pointed out extremely politely that her ‘free’ was paid for by other people) and how restrained she’d been. After a while, like Christina, I just got up and walked away every time the clickety-clacking started.

    Enjoy Sweden and Denmark, Christopher!

  11. CO: akshully, with the money I save by not subjecting myself to my family’s “affection” I can fly to Spain business class! Other than an aunt and uncle,I no longer have any regular contact with my father’s family. They mostly live in the Pacific Northwest and can stay there! I only have Southwest Airlines miles — pity that I don’t fly often in the US any more!

    Sheona: this come to mind:

  12. Talking of freaks, there’s a new ‘reality’ show about a transgender teenage person who boasts of his/her talents, friends, importance. Sick beyond imagining.

  13. A report in the French press today points out how much happier most people are when they give up Faceache and Twatter.

  14. Sheona: I am happy to have avoided Twatter, but I simply am stuck with Faceache. I make a point of not using a smart phone so when I walk away from my PC there is no way for me to access it.

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