Coin a word

We all use wellingtons, cardigans and hoovers; we bowdlerise and boycott; and use spoonerisms and malapropisms.

Now’s your chance to sanctify somebody you love or hate or simply ignore. Use a name to capture their essential qualities.

I’ll start you off, with a couple of shoe-ins:

A pompous bullying bore: a clarkson.

A mendacious hypocritical self-seeker: a blair.

To piggy-back and exploit another’s success: to hillary.

To get out of jail free: to oscar.

Over to you, coiners!


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

14 thoughts on “Coin a word”

  1. Lets us make a start before my pre-lunch aperitif:-

    A delusional, but dangerous, lunatic: a corbyn
    A biased hypocrite who claims to be fair-minded: a dimbleby
    A poker-faced advert for the discouragement of botox use: a robinson
    A sharp operator who pretends to be a buffoon: a johnson (NB this has a very different usage in the good ol’ US of A! 🙂 )
    A poisonous weasel-like creature with a shrill, screaming call: a sturgeon

  2. I think the “get out of jail free” should be “to saunders” in honour of Ernest Saunders, one of the Guiness Four, who miraculously recovered from his mental illness as soon as he was released.

  3. Janus: coined the term “depoodling” to describe a haircut that should have been done much sooner. The barber is fond of the term.

    To Merkel: to cock up a continent within a month likely causing permanent damage.

  4. Someone who uses his influence and authority to ensure his favourites win: a joubert

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