Better late than never . . .

Boadicea and Camel

A good few months ago, Boadicea mentioned that she had taken a visiting friend to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and promised to post a picture of herself mounted on a camel, of which we have over a million in The Red Centre.

Of course she never got around to it.

So, thanks to Win 10 and our Homegroup, I have sneakily accessed her files across the network and published this memorable snap for the edification of fellow Charioteers.

Yes, the camel is ‘aving a larf.   They do, when the mood takes them.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

17 thoughts on “Better late than never . . .”

  1. G’day, Bearsy mate!

    Thank you for the sneaky pic of your youthful spouse. I have still not been selected for special treatment by Win 10, despite their promises. It’s probably discrimination against aged cybertourists.

    Looking forward to Boa’s response with private pics of your goodself! 😎

  2. We went to a camel farm during our visit to Oz. Never got to ride one, but camelburger in a bun is very tasty!

  3. I never thought I would see a photo of Boadicea on a camel, but thanks you for this, Bearsy. I have some misgivings about nicking photos from Homegroup members, especially those with red hair so are you still in one piece?

  4. Quite, but often true, Janus. We have red hair in the family, mainly on my mother’s side and my son is law and latest grandson have red hair. They are quite feisty. 😉

  5. I really don’t know, Janus, but historically red heads have had some bad press. Probably like being left-handed, totally undeserved! We’ll have to ask Boadicea.

  6. I too have reservations about social media in general where everything seems to be geared to ‘sharing’, particularly if someone can now access your pooter and upload personal files and images. If I choose to share some information I will do so, which is why I support The Chariot and use emails rather than FaceAche and Tw@tter. I do not need a computer operating system, W10, Chrome or whatever deciding when and what I will share.

    I had a huge ruck last year with a family member who divulged personal medical information about another family member on Facespace. There was nothing particularly malicious about it, just the unthinking, shallow headbanging of some fifty-something space cadet who stated once that Google has made education superfluous and who thinks a big score on Candy Crush is a worthwhile achievement.


  7. Hmm!

    Let’s set a few things straight –

    I did not actually ‘nick’ anything. Boadicea had deliberately set permissions on her photos file group to enable my access, and was fully aware of what I was doing. She viewed this post before publication and gave her approval. My text was intended to be light-hearted; not to be taken seriously.

    The references to Win 10 and the homegroup were entirely ironic. Microsoft have made what used to be a simple networking task using ipconfig in an MSDOS-equivalent control window, and NT permissions into such an obscure nonsense that it has taken us several months to re-establish a home network that we had previously used for yonks. If my irony passed you by . . . tough. Build a bridge and get over it.

    There is no reference anywhere in this post to social media, so I am at a loss to understand OZ’s minor rant. Possibly a precipitate emergence from the wrong side of the bed? No worries, mate, she’ll be right.

    Anti redhead slurs are not, and never have been, acceptable on the Chariot. Whilst appreciating that Araminta was probably trying to be funny, it would be better if she gave that embattled group of attractively tinted souls a slice of the enormous cake of tolerance that she regularly grants to the evil and murderous mob of adherents to the medieval cult of Islam. Get your priorities right for once, ducky.

    I’m away to watch a cricket match. Bye . . .

  8. G’day, Bearsy. I was in no way suggesting you would have posted that photo without Boadicea’s consent and I am sorry if you took that impression. My point was that with all these new operating systems someone could do it to someone else and my ‘minor rant’, as you put it, was directed at the mindless culture of social media in general and the fact that third parties can now access your files.

    Hope the cricket went well.


  9. Let’s set a few more things straight –

    Good morning, Bearsy.

    Important matters first! I understood your ironic reference to Windows10 and homegroups, having had one since the dark ages, I had a similar problem. It was impossible to join it once I’d upgraded: it wouldn’t accept the password! I did solve the problem eventually once I switched off all the other machines on the network it allowed me to create a new homegroup.

    So, moving on, obviously MY irony escaped you, or you chose to take umbrage. I didn’t for one moment imagine you did not have Boadicea’s consent to publish the photograph.

    Finally, MY patience and tolerance are legend, but they do have its limits, and my priorities, dear chap, are my own.

    PS. Since I am typing this on the kitchen floor, it is necessarily short and may contain some errors. Tough!

  10. Arrers, syntax alert but allowed under the kitchen sink circumstances! The keyboard is preferable to the floor, I find. 😉

  11. I could never understand why Gingers get singled out for “special treatment”. I always just thought they were people with a different shade of hair colour — no more remarkable than black hair, brown hair or blonde hair.

  12. Dear Janus,

    I was using my keyboard with a certain amount of difficulty and discomfort on the kitchen floor. I have now cleared a space on the table in the kitchen so things are looking up! The sitting room is still covered in dust sheets and wet plaster and the conservatory is full of furniture and bits from the sitting room.

    It’s early days and I am heartily sick of it already.

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