Brit stores are charging 5p per plastic bag. Big deal.

People are too lazy to change their habits – not just in GB. They’ll try to nick a basket (until it’s tagged).

Over here in DK, the bags are min. 25p! And people still buy them! So what is the solution? Biodegradable bags maybe?

PS we keep a couple of strong cardboard boxes in the car and take them into the store. Easypeasy.

Author: janus

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7 thoughts on “Bags”

  1. I do not buy into the argument that stores charging for bags are doing so “To Save The Planet” – they are doing it to boost their profits and for no other reason.

    They tried it here and customer resistance has forced most stores to reinstate free bags. If I spend money in a shop I expect to be provided with a bag to protect and carry the goods I have bought. I do not expect to have to carry bags (or boxes) around with me on the off-chance that I might go into a shop and buy a dress / fabric / book or a few items of groceries.

    OK – it might be reasonable to charge for more than one or two bags on a large grocery shop, but not for the odd item or two.

  2. January, I heard someone complaining about the cost of these bags and refusing to buy them. Instead she will take her own…………. That’s the idea innit?

  3. Plastic bags are awful and the fewer the better. They pollute the oceans, the countryside and the beaches. I always use a several those splendid green cotton bags from Waitrose and they are always in the car when I go to the supermarket. I have a thin small one which fold into a zipped carry case which I carry in my handbag for smaller purchases when I’m in town.

    I don’t mind paying occasionally if I need to, but I’d buy the re-usable ones rather than the thin 5p variety.

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