The first tv commercials

Backside et moi, we were 12 sixty years ago when ITV first appeared, gracing our 12″ b & w telly.

I recall ads for the TV Times – a household must now, with two national channels!

Otherwise which brands stick in the furthest recesses of the old memory? Cigarettes. ‘You’re never alone with a Strand.’ Was that on the box? ‘You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!’ That was. Hamlet cigars. Black Magic chocs. And probably some more when I’ve had a couple of pints.

What do you remember? 😏

Author: janus

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19 thoughts on “The first tv commercials”

  1. Not quite your vintage Janus and certainly not your neck of the woods, but I suspect some of the ads we had were the same as yours. We certainly had the Pepsodent commercial.

    Drinka pinta milka day, never grow old.

    Rowntrees Fruit-gums last the longest, that’s why we all say, don’t forget the fruit-gums mum, don’t forget the fruit-gums…..mum. (argh, I have just seen that you have posted this one).

    A man would walk a mile for a camel. (David Cameron would do the same for a pig, according to Lord Ashcroft)

    Which reminds me of Rolf Harris.
    ‘Bestiality’s best boys,
    bestiality’s best.
    (shag a wallaby)…..’

  2. The two that stick in my mind the most are
    A double diamond works wonders, works wonders…the ads were very good.
    The Milky Bar kid is tough and strong……

    oh, and of course Ms Boyle with her soft hands.

  3. Christopher: Try working on your concentration span a little. There are some very good documentaries and films on TV……not to mention Strictly 🙂

    Janus: I am still fascinated by the internet, but then again I guess it is ever changing and developing.

  4. To be fair, as a young man I rarely watched tv, except for the 5 nations rugby and the Ashes tests.

    As for t’net, it’s the modern library – and some as they say. The best thing since wha’ever!

  5. Gaz: yes, I can tolerate documentaries and some higher-quality programming. At the moment I get none of it — only very mediocre Chinese television which is at least half the time vapid, poorly-produced anti-Japanese propaganda.

  6. Akshully, having had dealings with the EPA, I would be surprised the Yanks tried such a scam. But I saw in today’s Indy that they have been infringing European safety codes.

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