Not so blamelesss

The fragrant Valerie Hobson has always been cast as a victim, the ever-loyal wife of the errant politician, John Profumo. And good-time-girl Christine Keeler has been presumed guilty of being a conduit for state secrets between Profumo and Ivanov, a Russian spook.

But soft! See today’s Indy. It was Valerie who allowed Ivanov access to the study where secrets lay open to view.

Fascinating innit, when the evidence is finally revealed.

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “Not so blamelesss”

  1. This looks like another case of gubmint coverup. Lord Denning said no security had been breached. Mr and Mrs had to forgive each other!

  2. Remember the Rosenberg trials and execution? As it turns out Ethel Rosenberg was truly innocent but Julius certainly was not. To protect US spy networks they had to liquidate her as well.

  3. The Profumos by contrast had to repay society with good works. Same policy as with the latest Ted Heath scandal: a Minister can do no wrong by definition.

  4. I’d rather these malefactors were fully exposed and condemned by the court of public opinion.

    We should have been told what Valerie did, just as we were led to believe that Profumo did more than have a fling with Christine.

    Imagine Heath had been outed. Would he ever have been allowed to start the European Youth Orchestra?

  5. Janus: I fail to see the point in pursuing Heath at this point, may Satan’s goat bugger his damned soul for eternity, he’s dead and gone.

    China is very much a seven-day-week country. Even banks and the post office are open Saturdays and Sundays, albeit with reduced hours and services. However, most people get a couple days off each week and schools generally function on the Monday-Friday system.Once the school year begins next month I will work 5 days weekly with an occasional short Saturday.

  6. C, it is to discourage the others. The cynicism displayed by ‘celebrity’ kiddie-fiddlers must be exposed and public disgust brought to bear.

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