But enough…..

…..of sparring with unworthy opponents.

What about the disintegration of the Labour movement back home?

The party will soon revert to its grass roots policies – public ownership and the redistribution of wealth – which Bliar abandoned, in favour of personal fame and fortune.

Do we care? Yes, if it means alliances with other madcap parties to name but the SNP.

Let’s face it, most sane voters reject ideologs. Practical politics works better.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

12 thoughts on “But enough…..”

  1. Comrade Janus, the Ministry of Truth and Education have just informed me that Comrade Backside’s request to see the new Labour Party manifesto has been approved. They have authorised me to furnish you this video.

  2. But enough of sparring with unworthy opponents?

    I think that is an unnecessary comment and not true either.

  3. Taking a weekend off? No, I’ve been having fun with an organisation called Verso. When you check it on Google you see that behind all the jargon it is an organisation that tries to acquire personal details and pass them on to its clients. The trick they’ve come up with is to have a London phone number appear on the screen before the call is passed on to the Philippines or some other foreign land. The first time it happened I just assumed it was the usual PPI or personal injury carry-on, so simply told the girl to put the cheque in the post without paying attention to what she was saying. The second time I realised that the girl was reading from a script and didn’t understand what I was saying but just kept on following the script. The third time the girl was treated to my rendition of “Hello, hello, who’s your lady friend?” I had intended to give the next caller a taste of Aberdeen, with the famous question of Ian Rankin “Furrybootsyefae?” but since the call came while I was watching a repeat episode of Mash, I asked, following the girl telling me it would be very quick, whether it would also be painless. Little things like this can amuse me, but what I don’t understand is why Verso is employing people who cannot respond to English.

  4. Sheona: one of the few benefits of living in Hunland is the fact that German is a geographically clustered language. As a result, call centres are invariably going to be in Hunland since Bavaria’s snobbish cousin, Austria, and Baden’s mountain-cousin with an unwarranted superiority complex, Switzerland, are even more expensive in terms of labour costs.

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