16 thoughts on “A Whinge”

  1. Hi Christopher, my first Summer in 1994 in Berlin was like that for a number of weeks. We spent all of our free time at the lakes around Zossen trying to keep cool and as mosquito-bite-free as possible.
    One evening I spent with colleagues in a Biergarten where I took so many bites through my socks and trousers that I ended up very ill for weeks with double-size legs. Mosquito bites, together with the overpowering heat is a horrible combination. I came very close to moving back to the UK and giving up my lucrative work contract.
    Keep a stiff upper lip 🙂

  2. Gazoopi: the weather is supposed to improve here soon. There aren’t many lakes here, just rivers. Thus, few problems with mosquitoes. I find the inability of Huns to cope with hot weather to be nearly amusing, however.

    Janus: they are here as well. It is supposed to fall to 82 tomorrow.

  3. Dig a pool, for Heaven’s sake. Failing that, stick your head in the fridge. I don’t know, moaning bloody northern Europeans…..

    Smiley thing.


  4. OZ, another solution might be to visit Liverpool. When we were there in May it was cold, wet and windy.

  5. Be that as it may, Sheona, and my home city is indeed a fine place to visit at any time of the year, although it’s hot and muggy there right now. Spoke to the Great Wolf last night who admitted he is sleeping almost ‘au naturel’, which is not an image to be contemplated under any circumstances.



  6. Too much information, OZ!

    We’ve had our required thunderstorm on Sunday night. Now it’s summer again. 🙂

  7. One thing I particularly liked about our bus tour of Liverpool was the totally non-pc commentary, OZ. And I sang along to “Maggie May” all the way along Lime Street – grotty place.

  8. Try moving in 90-95 heat! Not good at all.
    Plus now added smoke from forest fires in BC. plus a few local small ones.
    We have finally finished this long extended move and the old house is sold. The new purchasers are a young couple, we have been over a couple of times getting things in their right places and had to view the new paint job for the children’s bedrooms, lime green and violet!!! What does one say? Attempting to maintain equanimity in such circumstances…… How bright, how jolly etc etc!!

    The new place has far fewer cupboards. actually normal, the old house was particularly heavy on storage space.plus barns etc A great winnowing has taken place. First we left a whole bedroom for the new couple. Plus an office desk and filing cabinet, all the white goods, all the motorised garden equipment. Then I threw away, Goodwilled or consigned a lot more. Got here, started unpacking and chucked out a lot more! Have worn out a set of tyres nearly up and down to Bellingham visiting the charity shops.! Two pick up trucks of crap to the dump. We are just beginning to see daylight. I can actually see the kitchen counters!

    Now a second winnowing of the wardrobes! Already thrown away most of spousal units clothing. A zillion sizes too small, no chance ever! Out they go! One is allowed to keep one size up and one down. Apart from that,out it goes! We do have a brilliant boarded attic and stairs up, so anything really good but currently superfluous is repacked and going up there.

    I have been advising friends who have large houses crammed with acquisitions of a lifetime to firmly die in situ! Use their money for household help, garden help and finally nursing help! Let the little bastards inheriting the property get rid of all the junk! Otherwise it will kill you off trying! Spousal unit tottering badly from all the effort. Trouble is American houses are rather large and people will hoard until all available space is occupied. Plus they have far more closets etc than UK homes generally.

    Needless to say, with this heat wave, my community veg garden has decided to do it simultaneously! French beans will not wait, They must be done now, yesterday even! We are already cropping aubergines, runner beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions,

    Ye perfect storm!
    So much easier to get dementia and gibber in the corner!
    At least the dogs are happy supervising!
    One good thing, I lost 7lbs in a week heaving boxes!

  9. Fortunately he grew up!
    Probably took up booze and women instead!
    Actually he seems a very nice lad, Probably came to the appreciation that his talents lay in other directions!

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