Who’s to blame?

There is an interesting article in the French press about a Muslim family in Nîmes who have just lodged a complaint.


The sixteen year old daughter Hanane stole her older sister’s ID and went off to Syria. So the parents have laid charges of kidnapping, abuse of a minor and incitement to suicide. What is unclear is against whom these charges are levelled. Don’t you need to name someone you feel is guilty? In most of such cases it is of course the French state that is held responsible for not doing something or other.

Hanane has managed to contact her older sister from Raqqah and is apparently not enjoying islamist life there and wants to return to France. But it appears that this is not so easy to do, not because of the big bad wolves (sorry OZ) of French policemen waiting at the airport but because of the thugs of the religion of peace keeping tabs on her movements.

I hope the parents do find someone against whom they can bring charges. It will be interesting to follow this case.

12 thoughts on “Who’s to blame?”

  1. I can’t imagine having delinquent/awol offspring and I’m wondering what I’d do. Getting somebody to help must be a priority. But who? Has a crime been committed? Interesting.

  2. Surely the only crime is theft by the girl who stole the ID? The parents should be prosecuted on some charge or the other and deported as trouble makers! I am so glad the brat isn’t enjoying herself, with any luck she will come to a sticky end in situ and we will have one less to worry about.
    I cannot begin to understand all this western handwringing over renegades and fifth columnists doing a runner to their ancestral lands. Good, go with God and revoke their passports on the way out the door. No readmittance! Even saves the state from having to pay for their repatriation, splendid stuff.
    Personally I would have ground up a few ebola victims and sent them by drone to Raqqah, that would have sorted out that rats nest and have been virtually untraceable. I seriously do not know what is wrong with the West, totally bloody pathetic appeasement to any wogs they can find.

    Janus, as the mother of one that was totally delinquent and frequently awol I never expected any help from anyone, not that he was daft enough to change religions or take up with stupid causes, too smart for that, But I assure you there is really no help to be had, the Foreign Office is about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Best you can do is teach them to distrust everyone, carry serious amount of new crisp one dollar bills and a very extensive medical kit. The truth of the matter is that the Foreign Office does not even have representation in most of the dodgy places anyway. Tashkent was the nearest representation for the whole of central Asia, I know, I checked! At the first sign of trouble these days all the Western Offices of representation pull out in a mighty hurry. No chance of a repeat of the siege of Kabul for sure. What a bunch of soft tossers we in the West have become.

  3. I’m with you, Christina. Let them all push off to jihad and don’t let them back. But it will be interesting to see what happens to these charges. I think the parents should go to Syria and complain to ISIS. Plenty of lawyers’ bills to come anyway. Some people try to compare this with those Brits who joined the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War and say that those who survived to return to the UK were not punished. In many cases they were penalised by not being considered worthy of employment when they got back.

  4. Another parent complaining about his son having been lured to Syria seems to be pointing the finger at the local mosque in Lunel, not far from Nîmes. The son has been killed in the course of his “humanitarian work” there.

  5. Sheona: terrible comparison, me thinks. The International Brigade attempted to support an elected government, however worthless and worthy of demise it was. The International Brigade also did not shoot up synagogues.newspapers, parties and events.

  6. Christopher, it is indeed a dreadful comparison, as I have pointed out several times to those bleeding hearts who attempt to make that comparison. Too many people do not realise that Franco was attacking the democratically elected government of Spain, unleashing the Moroccans under his command on his own countrymen.

  7. Hi, Sheona. It puzzled me that the three wannabe jihadistas wot legged it from Londonistan were always described as ‘missing’. Missing, my hairy rear end – they’re in Syria and by all accounts now want to return to Blighty. Hope the drawbridge has been raised.

    Don’t worry about ‘the big bad wolf’ thing. We have to put up with all sorts of derogatory phrases- ‘wolf at the door’, ‘cry wolf’, ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, etc., although ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has a certain predatory ring about it, don’t you think? We need broad shoulders I can tell you, but just wait till cousins are released into the wilds of Scotland,

    Linkey thing

    I did ask him to respect my privacy, but Packham blabbed about wolves living in Portugal. No publicity please.

    Sturgeon tartare,anyone?


  8. Now we have a mother in Nice demanding damages from the French state for her baby boy going off to Turkey with a bunch of his mates. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the woman that passport/ID checks are carried out separately from ticket checks.


    Of course it’s not really the money she’s interested in!

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