I’ve never seen the like!

The Met Gala, how could they?

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts has been until recently a fairly august institution, a place to go.  Not anymore!

I have never seen the like, last night was more like a trip to a pre civil war New Orleans brothel with the ‘high yellers’ putting on a show. Obscene costumes, one hesitates to call them dresses revealing more than one could possibly bear to see,  on utterly revolting tarts, whores and z list celebrities.  Really too too much.  Most of them needed a night in the cells to reflect.  Does the Museum seriously want to promote such images?

I do hope they air the place out today or the unsuspecting will get more than their fair share of cocaine and HIV lurking in the ether!

Well that is another place strictly off my visiting list!  Pity, I rather liked the ‘Cloisters’.

I should imagine that those who financed the place in the past must be spinning in their graves!

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

8 thoughts on “I’ve never seen the like!”

  1. What do you expect, it’s NYC. Much like San Francisco, it’s been living on its past accomplishments for so long now that one can be forgiven for doubting their worthiness to exist in the future. They’ve become mere circus freak-show venues that are as over-priced as they are over-rated, London without the substance or Sydney without the charm. I also sympathise with your disgust as I am obliged to visit San Francisco tomorrow.

  2. Janus, no, no! Please! I found out yesterday that the mate I am to have lunch with today is coming with his wife. She’s the one who walks around San Francisco in a bra and knickers with rice glued over her body or wears kidneys.

  3. As soon as I saw the first few names of the “celebs”, I could see what you meant, Christina.Quite a few of them could justifiably have been described as “high yallers” had they been in that line of work. The most yellow, however, was that dress and train, now being described as scrambled eggs or an omelette, worn by someone or other. Took a Chinese seamstress two years to make and I hope she got paid well.

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