Our brilliant legislators

Bought a car from somebody who parks on the street?  Under the new DVLA rules you’ve broken the law!
When the rules on car tax changed last year, anyone selling a car has to notify the DVLA. The DVLA will automatically refund the seller the price of any “complete” months left (which will not include the month you actually sold the car because, there isn’t a “complete” month left)You as the buyer have to tax the car before you can use it. If the previous owner parks on the street, you can’t drive the car away because you can’t use it ’til it’s taxed, but parking unlicensed vehicles on a public highway is an offence. So, drive it away or leave it there, either way you’re committing an offence.

The fact that the DVLA has now been paid twice for the same month (because you must tax it from the day you bought it and the DVLA has not refunded the previous owner for that month) has nothing to do with it.

Stupid stuff eh? Nobody is going to enforce such silly rules are they? Fines and towaways have gone up from an average 5000 per month to approx 8000.

14 thoughts on “Our brilliant legislators”

  1. “Nobody is going to enforce such silly rules are they?”

    You obviously do not realise how mendacious the British Public Sector is, Christopher 😦

  2. FEEG: oh, I very much believe that. I’ve learnt to simply hide beneath the radar as much as possible and give them no grounds to get involved in my affairs.

  3. Incidentally, has anyone seen these cars anywhere? I’ve only seen them on Belle Isle, where they form the majority of the car hire fleet.

  4. Apparently it’s not widely known so the DVLA are making a fortune. If the cars are not taxed because people are not aware of the changes, they clamp them and it costs money to get them un-clamped!

  5. …..
    April 23, 2015 at 6:29 pm
    Apparently it’s not widely known so the DVLA are making a fortune. If the cars are not taxed because people are not aware of the changes, they clamp them and it costs money to get them un-clamped!……

    If you fail to tax the vehicle PDQ or to SORN it you’ll get fined anyway.

    We’re governed by a bunch of shysters.

  6. A chap in Torquay was in the local press the other day, complaining because he was fined for failing to display a tax disc. He was more than somewhat aggrieved as the vehicle was taxed but the disc holder fell off the windscreen. He thought it wouldn’t matter as under the new rules you no longer have to display a disc anyway so he didn’t put it back. Expensive mistake.

  7. Morning Janus,

    I s’pose it made it easier to impose on the spot fines. No round bit of paper? Fine. Didn’t matter whether the vehicle was taxed or not, the offence was “failure to display a valid vehicle excise licence”

    Cor, haven’t used that phrase for a while, takes me straight back to basic training at police college!

  8. If the fuzz here suspect an offence has been committed they just call up the database to check if tax has been paid. When you buy a car you just go online and register ownership, etc. Simples.

  9. I think we’ve just entered the database age Janus, which is presumably why matey in Torquay got a bit upset for being fined. Trouble is (I suspect) if your car hasn’t changed hands since the new system started, it should be displaying a tax disc if it isn’t in the database yet.

    All gubmints, or rather the newly empowered Ministers are the same. They like making new laws but never repeal the old ones. For example, there is an act called “The town police clauses act of 1831” which is still in force and makes it an offence to beat a mat, other than a door mat, before 8 am. 😉

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