YACT (Yet another con trick)

I see that the latest flawed data analysis that has been misleading everyone for years has just come to light. I turns out that dairy fats are not so bad for you after all. Like so many other things, poor interpretation of flawed data has lead to many people giving up on things they need not have given up on e.g. proper milk, cheese and all the other wonders of the dairy.

I wonder when the Global Warming scammers will get the same treatment (Boston Mass, has just had the worst snow on record) ? It has often been said that you can prove what you like with statistics and that the science (or should that be art) of statistics is to select the sampling method to get the result you want.

23 thoughts on “YACT (Yet another con trick)”

  1. It seems FEEG, that the answer is to believe absolutely nothing that we are told, live as we wish, and peg out at the end with a cynical smile on our faces.

    Regarding AGW, I find it amazing that so many are still hanging on to the warming doctrine, but there again, they do in most other religions also. πŸ™‚

  2. ‘They’ now say it’s carbs that threaten our health! Stand by for anorexic youth with high cholesterol! And I read somewhere today that deliberate misreading of temperature data is at the bottom of the climate change farce.

    FEEG, what should we oldies do?! 😜

  3. Ah yes Janus, because global warming was looking less and less provable, it got changed to “climate change” That way anything that occurs weatherwise can be taken to prove whatever point is currently in fashion.

  4. I have never paid much attention to food fascists. And as for the climate change thing, I call it “seasons” and “weather”.

  5. I never could really understand people falling for the dairy is bad for you con in the first place.
    We have been eating meat for millions of years and consuming dairy products for thousands of years. One would have thought by now either our systems would have adapted to the diet or it would have killed us off a long time ago.
    Show me a natural hydrogenated oil or a natural syrup made from maize and I will eat it cheerfully! But, and a big but, until there are groves of margarine trees growing in gay abandon they may stick it where the sun don’t shine! Axle grease in another manifestation!
    One can rely on the fact that the dodgy research was no doubt paid for by the industrial food manufacturers.
    For the last 45 years I have only had butter in the house, everything is made with it plus cream, full fat milk, fattier meat when I can get it and full fat cheeses. Curiously my cholesterol levels are quite normal! I refuse to purchase low fat anything, bloody disgusting taste most of it!
    But carbohydrates are kept to a minimum and no processed food crosses my doorstep. I make everything from scratch.

    The real enemy at the door are the pesticides on fruit and veg, most of which cannot be washed off as they are integrally linked to the cells of the plant. Since I grow them all myself organically these days it is noticeable that I very rarely have wind, guts ache or any digestive disturbance. Spousal unit who will add industrial quantities of carbohydrates such as bread, rice etc etc notably produces more ‘gastric eruptions’

    Interesting point about production of high fructose syrups. Evidently they have to use some rather toxic chemicals to solute out the sugars from the carbohydrates initially. Subsequently the toxic chemicals are scrubbed out of the syrup to render a usable product. It appears that a lot of manufacturers are none too scrupulous about getting all the chemicals out so a lot of the stuff is still low level toxic when used in food manufacture. Nice one eh? Trouble is the damned stuff is used in nearly all factory food especially the low fat options. Might as well take cyanide and be done with it!

    Then, when you have been profitably poisoned by the industrial food manufacturers it is the time of big pharma to take their rake off! Off you go to the doctors who are in the’ pay’ of drug manufacturers who insist you need all sorts of cholesterol lowering drugs! I delight in causing great consternation in refusing to be party to such shenanigans at the doctor. I refuse all tests as fishing expeditions except any that I may think I could actually use and would be willing to do something about! I deliciously point out that I have no intention of being immortal, I do not want to live that long and as I am not a practising Christian I am more than willing to meet my maker at any time and give him an unexpurgated piece of my mind! Poor sod is a religious maniac and doesn’t know where to put himself! I suspect I may be one of his’ crosses to be borne’! (The doctor not God. Although it may be equally applicable!!) Well you have to get your jollies somehow in this benighted, guilt ridden, phobic part of the world!

    Don’t start me on global warming it is the alternative religion round here big time. Ditto the above.

  6. I reached the same dietary conclusions decades ago, C. Denmark worships the sausage in many guises – all of which I regard as chemicals in plastic bags. Specialities here include meat balls congealed with artificial grease. Children are recommended to eat open sandwiches with spam, spam and spam. Gross.

  7. J super agree about spam an absolutely abominable invention of exceptionally dubious provenance. Spousal unit will eat it sometimes, I refuse to buy it, he has to go on secret purchasing expeditions to acquire all sorts of disgusting comestibles. I once gave a slice to the dogs who obligingly crapped liquid all over the living room carpets, wonderful!!! Needless to say triumphantly pointed it out but to no avail!
    Type of stuff where it is better to check the life insurance!

  8. When I was resident in Seattle, I decided one one occasion to provide, for a favoured few, a traditional roast dinner and accordingly set off to acquire a slab of belly pork. Do you think I could lay my hands on a nice fatty piece of meat anywhere? No chance. How can you have roast pork without crackling?. I rather like doing my roast pots in duck fat as well, but from the incredulous looks given by the staff in the retail outlets (I refuse to call them butchers) you’d have thought I was trying to buy arsenic.

  9. Once again, Christina has beaten me to it… humans have eaten meat and dairy products for centuries. Although I will own that I prefer fat-free milk.

    I do wonder about the chemicals that go into producing food and drinks. Many, many years ago (like 40+) I knew a young guy who worked in ‘creating’ chemical flavours. He developed leukemia at 25 and was dead at 26. The company he worked for paid his wife an enormous sum of money – she wasn’t bright enough to ask why – but some of his friends were. Have steered clear of chemical additives ever since.

    I don’t have a problem with the idea that the climate may be changing… it has since Planet Earth began. Just taking the UK – it was once warm enough to grow grapes and cold enough to freeze the Thames. On a longer time scale, we have had ice ages and tropical times.

    What I do object to is being told that we can control that change. We can’t – but we can ameliorate its effects. Simply charging us all more tax isn’t going to solve the problem.

  10. Humans have eaten meat and dairy products for centuries. Sorry guys, that really is no recommendation.
    People have been dying at very early ages for centuries too.

    Although I am a fan of meat and dairy products, and come from a healthy family who ate much of both, it is not reasonable to say that what humans have done for centuries is necessarily a good thing.

  11. gaz but what I said was that our bodies were adapted to such not that it was a recommendation.
    I suggest we last far less long on a diet of chemicals than we would on what is produced naturally by nature, to which we are used.
    Of course food itself is full of chemicals but rarely at the concentration supplied in additives.
    Semantic maybe, but definitive.

  12. Someone once told me that apart from eating well if we get all the three ‘s’ right we will life a long and healthy life.
    Sleep well, and two others. I will let you guess what they were. πŸ™‚

  13. Probably not far off the truth, you would at least go with a smile when the time came!

  14. Mornin’ all and here’s my tuppence worth. I want to tie a vegan to a tree. Well, that’s it really.

    No, I want to tie a vegan to a tree and ask the lower form of life to explain a) why evolution has given homo sapiens a mouth full of molars and mandibles and canines and incisors – it sure as hell wasn’t to eat lettuce and tofu – and b) if we were meant to eat lettuce and tofu, why do cows and goats and deer and boar all taste of MEAT and why do you swivel-eyed loons insist on eating nut cutlets, veggie burgers and that abomination known as Quorn which are all designed to look and taste like MEAT? Hypocrites! Make your food instead look and taste like the cardboard box it came in. Better still, don’t bother heating up your foul, processed pile of E numbers – throw away the contents and just eat the container cold instead.

    I want to tie any leading global warmist to a tree too. In their undies. In New England. Right now. i want to ask said hypocrite (that word again) how they justify Lear-jetting it from one five star conference hotel to another in Helsinki, Bali, Rio, Kyoto, etc. bleating how the rest of us must change OUR ways to save the planet. Bolleaux! You want to save the planet, hold your conference in a cave somewhere cold (like the one across the valley from me right now) and fekkin’ WALK here. There’s plenty of gorse and pine cones for you to eat on the way.

    Aw, I’ve not been around for a while and now I’m all frizzy again.


  15. OZ, you would be kind, wouldn’t you, and tie the vegan and the warmist face to the tree, so they could hug it.

  16. Tell you what, Sheona, just for you I’ll compromise and tie them face out or nail them face on.

    I tried a vegan once. Oddly enough, he tasted of MEAT. πŸ™‚


  17. You’re all heart, OZ. I wouldn’t want to try the only vegan I know. Pale, skinny and with a perpetual cold.

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