January Photograph Competition


A nice easy one! There are a number of simple ‘inventions’ that I daily give thanks for…Β This is my all-time favourite. I suspect that most here will guess what it is.

This month’s competition is a photo of your favourite ‘invention’ taken from an odd angle.

The prize will go to the photo which is hardest to identify – so I am inviting all charioteers to join the fun and try to identify the photos!

Closing date 8/2/2015.

51 thoughts on “January Photograph Competition”

  1. Interesting – I recognised the subject of Janus’ piccie immediately, as any self-respecting Aussie should. Mind you, Boa didn’t. 😦

  2. Boadicea. I can see a spout on the left and a handle with an on/off button on the right. Are we in coffee making territory?


  3. I can’t tell whether or not one should say what it is?
    But as a total spoiler I have it for a Breville electric kettle.

  4. Christina

    You are absolutely right – even down to the brand!

    And yes, one is supposed to say what one thinks the objects are – how else can I tell how obscure the photos are? πŸ™‚

  5. Ara, your first picture – a great invention! – it must have been invented about 5 million years BC or have I got it wrong πŸ™‚

  6. I’ll let you post the answer just to be sure, and if you cannot guess who manufactured this one, I would be very surprised, πŸ™‚

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