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I now hate snow and ice

Just a little poem to start the (snow)ball rolling. I hope it is pessimistic enough for you, Ara 🙂

I now hate snow and ice

Once, when I was young, I used to love the snow and ice,

Now I am old and grey and doddery, it is not so very nice.

What fun it was to ride a sledge quickly down the hill

Now the very thought of that makes me feel quite ill.


I remember well, that slides were made in the playground

And I was always sliding down them to end up in a mound.

Now I fear that  if I tried that game

I would end up even more than lame!


Snowball fights were such enormous fun,

Except when a stone was hidden by a loon in one

Now the thought of cold water running down my neck

Makes me scream out, “Oh blooming heck!” (Please insert you own epithet here)


Running about making a snowman kept you warm

And you very rarely ever came to harm

Now I am so afraid I would have to ask

“Have you seen my bowl of soup and my hipflask?”


Still, snow and ice will disappear soon

If you believe the rants of a warmist loon

However, I suspect you would be better off

To plan for much more of the Kaltstoff!

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  1. January 4, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    It’s perfect – just what I wanted.

    You are a star, FEEG.

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