Results December 2014 Poetry competition

mouse choirWell here we go, one day late with the results. The invitation was to write a poem with a Christmas scene, traditional or otherwise and/or to use a voice of a Christmas object e.g. mince pie, robin, ice-skate etc. It all sounded so exciting to begin with, but only four entries came in. Nonetheless I feel it was worth it for there were some gem images in and among the entries. 

FEEG flew in early, like a Christmas robin, and penned some jolly verses including references to a fairy’s bum and to Santa’s swearing. Of course, Santa had got the day wrong; perhaps a touch of Alzheimers here. How old is Father Christmas anyway? Thankyou FEEG for setting the ball rolling.

Janus, as reliable as ever, was quick to follow and rubber-stamped his poem with both a picture of a robin and the signature of Robin Redbreast in an attempt to find favour with the judges. Janus painted the picture of disharmony among Rudolph’s team of eight reindeer, so much so that they doctored his fodder to produce piles of shite in the yard. A nice slant on the Santa saga.

Araminta gave an account of Monty the mouse, setting him and his family in the nativity scene.  Points were lost here as Araminta admitted taking more time choosing the accompanying pictures as she did in choosing the words of the poem.

Nonetheless, Araminta’s  depiction of a Christmas mouse was both delightful and very much to the point. Placing Monty in the stable and with clever use of words (“fragrant hay”, “paws clasped together, small hearts rose, the little ones stood on their toes” ) she brought to life a Christmas scene in tender and exquisite style. Each verse conjured an image that would enthral any child and the inclusion of an owl was a master stroke. Plus, the all important robin was witness too.  (Points regained – I had specified a robin be included.) 

Like an animal to his prey, Sipu then swooped to add to Monty’s tale (or rather present an alternative and dark ending.)  Savage was the word here and cold nature was seen at its worst. A farmyard cat was introduced “Oh my sweet holy Jesus, I think she means to come and seize us.” And hiding in some nearby barrels was a choir of weasels. (Barrels/Carols = points scored.) References to a macabre Turner Art Prize  were indirectly made: “puked up pellet” and poor robin splayed out pinned by weasel to an easel.

Really Sipu this was most distasteful but one has to admire your Damien Hurst side (or is it Tracy Emin).

But ‘delectable’ wins it over ‘distasteful’ and Araminta wins hands down; Monty lives on, robin sings his New Year Song and the owl gives one huge wink. Congratulations Ara on winning with a such an enchanting account of Monty at the Nativity. NB You also win the “parallel thingy” competition  and I will attempt to set your verse to a tune!

5 thoughts on “Results December 2014 Poetry competition”

  1. Dear PapaG A Very Small but Brave Mouse is exceedingly chuffed by your kind words and Very Proud to have won both competitions. 🙂

    Ha ha, eat your heart out Damien, sorry Sipu!

    Thank you, Janus.

  2. Good Choice, PapaG, and congratulations, Ara.

    Sorry for missing your Competition, PapaG; I just can’t do pomes these days.

    Happy New Year to all Charioteers!

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