Sea, Sky & Cops

Only one day left to get an entry into this months piccie comp! There’s some super entries, go take a look.

(I nicked this pic from a Cape Town daily read, it shows some of Cape Town’s fattest (oops, I mean finest) strolling along the Seapoint waterfront.)

3 thoughts on “Sea, Sky & Cops”

  1. G’morgen, Soutie and a good new year to you and yours!

    They must recruit them that shape because they bought an excess of XXXL shirts.

  2. Môre Jay

    And a happy New Year to you two too, and the rest of your clan 🙂

    It is of course summer down here, so I thought a ‘seasonal pic’ might brighten the pages up a little. I had to nick the Cape town one ’cause we have had nothing but cloud and persistent drizzle the last 5 days or so. So much so that they couldn’t even complete 2 innings of our test match that started on Boxing Day, the match was finally abandoned yesterday lunchtime (day 5) because of the condition of the outfield.

    But it’s hot and humid, more like Durban than what we’re used to!

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