Running on empty

Running on empty? As you can see, not me!

I’m referring to the West Indies cricket team, this has to be probably the worst squad to leave the Caribbean ever! I mean they haven’t been very good anyway recently but this pay / sponsorship dispute which firstly left their tour of India in tatters and now deprived them of perhaps all of their star players is nothing short of a complete shambles.

Josiah a contributor over at ESPN sums it up quite nicely …..

“can’t say I’m surprised with west indies.. the administration has allowed the standards of the region to sink to the bottom for close to a quarter century now. it’s not easy being a loyal fan.”

Mind you, being an Eastern Province supporter all my life I now how he feels!

TV’s talking heads

We’ve had light rain / drizzle most of the night and morning, there will definitely be a delayed start today (day 2), it is of course possible that if the rain persists the Windies might even make day 4

5 thoughts on “Running on empty”

  1. MΓ΄re Jay

    Ja, it could’ve but didn’t


    Still no play here yet!

    What about India over in Oz? They’re similar cannon fodder!

  2. A Good New Year to you Soutie.

    Well, the Windies made it to Day 5 and got a soggy draw after all!

    By the time the contest had dragged itself to a close, it had been a bit like watching Test cricket in England, without Test Match Special to enliven the rain delays.

    In an idle moment of non-action, I googled precipitation levels in Port Elizabeth to discover that December tends to be drier than most months. Just unlucky then?

    On the play that I saw, it looks to me that the Windies batsmen are on the way back. Still not sure about the efficacy of their bowling.

  3. Thank you JM and a good New year to you too.

    Newlands this weekend, 1st ball 8.30 gmt today.

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