A Grown Up Pup

I got up at 3 am yesterday morning to watch the funeral of Phillip Hughes. I had been shaken by  the tragic and completely unexpected death of a young man who was just playing the game that he loved. I wanted to pay tribute.

I say unexpected because I have a friend who was bowling in indoor practice 30 years ago. He tried to take a return catch. The ball flew up off his hands and hit him on the temple. Short story and long trauma. He suffered a subdural haemorrhage but he lived. Admittedly, we then had to pick him up off the court, pitch, fairway or whatever every so often. It never bothered him or us and they eventually stabilised his medication.

Thus, I expected Phillip to make a recovery, full or partial. It was only after his death and after they released the whole story that I learnt that there had never been any realistic chance of him surviving. I wanted to be there for his funeral.

I was moved by the orations. His cousin, brother and sister were restrained and dignified and the cattle breeder gave a powerful eulogy.

And Michael Clarke (known as ‘Pup’)  became one of the greats in my sporting Pantheon with his tribute.

‘We must dig in and get through to tea’ is as good as  it can get for  a life motto. In my opinion.

2 thoughts on “A Grown Up Pup”

  1. I too was up yesterday for the funeral.

    You’re quite right about Pup, this past week he has played perhaps the finest innings of his life.

  2. I watched it too and was glad to hear that Sean Abbot has been reselected after what was a tragic accident, no more, no less, but now people around him need to give him their support on and off the pitch.


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