11 thoughts on “Chacun a son goût”

  1. Yes, quite. This has provoked quite a scandal in the United States, apparently. This series of photographs was originally taken some two decades ago featuring his then-girlfriend, a woman from former French Africa. Some have argued that his is a “racist” concept which first manifested itself with Sarah Barthman, a Khoikhoi woman who lived roughly in the last decades of the 18th century to 1810 and was called the “Hottentot Venus”. Personally, I think that gives Kim Kardashian and the rubbish photographer too much credit — and discussion.

  2. The bustle, which Victorians sported, was probably designed to avoid a lady’s true contours being revealed. Think frills for table legs. This modern fad for big booties is quite the reverse. More is more apparently. 😟

  3. I’ve just typed a long reply to this and the machine has screwed it up. I surrender!

  4. Christina, I’m sorry that your response got chewed up, but perhaps it’s lurking somewhere in the ether and will return to your screen. If so, I look forward to reading it.

  5. What I was going to say was that this extraordinary perversion should be returned to the novelty brothel from whence it came!
    Also interesting that this is a black genetic trait that appears to have slipped in to a family that purport to come from the middle east! A likely story!
    Dreadful scum, I really can’t understand why she is given so much space in the newspapers.

  6. No, one begins to think one has outlived one’s time!
    The ‘thank God I’m old’ syndrome.

  7. I knew I’d enjoy reading it, Christina. As you say, the large rear does seem to appeal to the females of Afro-Caribbean origin and I assumed the Kardashian woman, although with an Armenian sounding name, had some of that strain.

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