36 thoughts on “A reminder for Bravo, Sheona and Boadicea.”

  1. I might have to take a rain check, Christopher, dammit – my ex is over from Cyprus planning to do wedding stuff with my daughter, but she was taken ill yesterday and is in St Mary’s hospital. She seems well enough no, but the medics are doing all sorts of tests – nothing to do with ebola – and we are nit sure whether they’ll let her out tomorrow or not. My own plans are, therefore, in suspension at the moment until we find out what’s going on with her. Women, eh?

  2. Sorry, Christopher, I forgot to ringfence Wednesday 5th in my diary and now have a medical appointment at 10.20. I hope we can manage another date. Entirely my fault. I expect Bravo would say “Women, eh?”

  3. Yes, I would like to see the poppies at the Tower of London, Christopher. It would be very busy according to reports. Lots of people want to visit and it will probably be particularly busy next week especially on 11th.

  4. I could make it there by 10.45, Christopher. There will be masses of people there, but only one with a large piece of paper with Sheona on it.

  5. Give me a chance to drink a cup of tea, Janus! Just back from meeting up with Christopher. Husband accompanied me, to protect me against any who might seek to take advantage of a lone female clutching a sheet of paper with Sheona written in red crayon. I certainly got lots of smiles.

    We had a very pleasant day with Christopher, viewing the absolutely amazing poppy display, to which the last flower had just been added and drinking coffee with a view of poppies on one side and HMS Belfast on the other. Then we walked across Tower Bridge for a pub lunch on the South Bank, before crossing the river again on London Bridge to accompany Christopher to the Bank of England museum. No shocks at all, except learning how political correctness has run wild in Germany and how the infrastructure is suffering from austerity. Christopher is a delightful companion and conversation flowed easily. He passed on your good wishes, Araminta, and told us what a good bloke OZ is.

    I’m a bit worried that Bravo’s no-show – we did wait for half an hour – means that his ex is still ill.

  6. Hi Sheona.

    Sounds like a good day. Yes, Christopher is very good company and we had a very pleasant lunch and an interesting time in Wimborne. Pity Bravo couldn’t make it though: I hope is ex is on the road to recovery.

  7. No problem, Sheona. I’m pleased you were able to meet up with Christopher, and had an enjoyable day. I’d love to have joined you but it’s not so easy for me to get up to London from Dorset. It was much easier from Henley, only thirty minutes from Reading to Paddington.

  8. Janus: I had the pleasure of meeting ColinB as well as Sheona. Both are most gracious companions and the hours flew by quickly. I hope that this isn’t our last meeting. Soon, you will be treated to one of my infamous travel accounts written with a special fondness.

  9. There’s a heckuva lot going on in continental Europe right now, Germany especially, that has not reached the UK media (or if it has, Sheona and I have missed it). Ask the highly observant and erudite Christopher for details, and be prepared for a shock. Talk about PC on stilts.

    I slipped in a small sample of yesterday’s pix to breakup the solid screed on (beware incoming) my latest science buzz posting (the Turin Shroud as a simulated sweat imprint).


    Kind regards


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