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Yes, I am 65 not 6.5 years old 🙂 This question is personal and specifically for Christopher, though everybody else’s insights are, of course, welcome.  My second daughter is engaged to a  German guy – they will be married in April in Cyprus.  I will have to make a speech – in Greek, German and English – and also, since my new in-laws and lots of friends and relations are all coming over for the wedding I will wish to interact with them as much as I can.  My German is very rusty and I’m taking online classes with DW but I’d like to switch my ‘background’ radio to a German station.  In the same way as I don’t listen ot the BBC, I don’t want to listen to one of the main broadcasters with their boring talking heads so the question is, could you recommend a decent ‘talk radio’ station something on the lines of the London Broadcasting Corporation, where I can hear ordinary people expressing their views and having the occasional rant? (I can say what I want quite handily, and read well, but have trouble understanding what people are saying to me, if they’re speaking at ordinary conversational speed – especially when  their normal, everyday  usage.  Annoying but, since I haven’t actually lived in Germany since 1991, understandable, I guess.)

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  1. Commiserations, Bravo, I’m the same with Danish. My listening skills are improving but Danish is swallowed before it’s properly enunciated. 😦

  2. Goddam its bad enough trying to understand Americans sometimes!!
    Sorry for the totally fatuous answer but it would be one of the occasions I would have to volunteer for ebola trials or a one way ticket to Pitcairn Island!!
    I have to admit to much preferring funerals to weddings they tend to be far more entertaining and alcoholic (in Wales anyway!)

  3. I can only be of limited use to you in this regard. I spent a number of years living in the USA. Soon after returning to Germany, I began to develop a pronounced chip on each shoulder — in part because I am not expected to dole out over 300 euro per year for a radio/television subscription even if I do not have a television, proper radio and do not stream either through my underwhelming internet connexion. This has elicited a boycott on my part with an ardour bolstered by GEMA, the main German agency representing record labels, effectively blocking much of what I wish to watch on youtube.

    The best advice I can give is to try listening to German radio stations such as SWR3. They often have light-hearted commentary. This particular station also has regular short-skits aired.

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