September poetry result

A big thanks to the five contributors to the Animals competition. All the entries were first class.

Peter Alliss wouldn’t have liked the Latin speaking parrot in the poem by Janus but that’s golfers for you. I thought the piece was eximius.

Gazoopi put down in rhyme what he told us before about the stewing of his pet rabbit. Fifty years on it’s time the rabbit police thumped at his door.

Pseu’s dangerous moment in the life of a snail was captivating. Well-paced, the time was not crawling.

Bilby’s sausage dog was a sad tale but brilliantly written. My German’s not what it used to be so I had to use my German phrasebook (Stuff your Google) to translate. Great patter in the thread as well.

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother, Araminta. A mouse poem with a happy ending. Charming.

It was a shoot-out between Janus and Bilby. A very difficult decision but by the width of a gnat’s eyelash the winner is…


Well played, J-Man.

9 thoughts on “September poetry result”

  1. Well done, Janus and thank you for a very interesting competition, JW.

    I now have three grandsons, JW. I’m told they keep you young but I’m reserving judgement on that one!

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