Reporting in…

Good evening all.  After my long absence, I think I have reached the stage where I am reasonably fit to be seen again in polite ( mostly…) company.  Where have I been?  Well, I’ve been right here in the salubrious suburb of East Acton all along.  I’ve been AWOL so long that I can’t remember where I was with my son’s illness when I slipped away and closed the door quietly behind me…

I’m sure I shared with you the fact that my son was suffering clinical depression? ( The good news is that he is well on the way to recovery. )  It was the fact that I’ve spent the last three years (good grief, it really is that long ,)supporting the lad through the worst of it that made me disappear from the radar.  I really wasn’t good online company as I found myself on an increasingly shorter fuse and every time I put pen to paper it turned into more than a bit of a rant.  I really didn’t want to subject my co-charioteers to that, hence the self-imposed exile.  I haven’t been entirely off-line, but confined my excursions to James `Delingpole’s blog in the DT, (and that old duffer Geoffrey Lean,) where I was able to rant at the CAGW Whackos to my heart’s content 🙂

So, what’s been happening in bravo’s world?  First and foremost, my boy is back on track.  It’s been a tough three years.  I can’t say what the boy has been through because I don’t think that anyone who hasn’t suffered from clinical depression can really understand what those who do are going through.  It is tough for their supporters, though. The boy has had his ups and downs, a false start working for the BBC which lasted for six months, followed by a relapse, then another false start when he took up with an old flame from his university days in Sheffield, got engaged, moved the girl to London and then found after a a few months that she had started cheating on him almost as soon as she arrived her…  He didn’t go as far down that time, for which I was inordinately thankful, got another job doing what he does, network engineering, for a company that promised him the earth and delivered Wigan… The job, however, got him partly back on track and stabilised his life to the extent that he regained his confidence enough to apply for a job With Moody’s – the ratings agency, not the Phillipines fast-food chain – and got it.  He’s now down from a daily bucketful of meds to a single pill and doing very nicely – just got promoted, in fact.  We’re now at the stage where he’s ready to move into a place of his own and,  as ‘Inky’ Singh might have said, the relievousness is tremendous…

The saving grace for me over this last couple of years has been being in touch with and given a shoulder to dry on by, a couple of blokes from the Army days who were always ready – along with other ex-servicemen from the different clubs we frequent – to go out and <s>talk things over</s> get well and truly drunk together in fine army style.

It hasn’t, of course, been all bad.  I haven’t been able to take any long engagements, but I have worked in Kazakhstan, again, Ukraine, Taiwan and, a first for me, Central America.  Probably going back to Central America next month and to Uzbekistan early in the new year, if not sooner.  I’m also delivering a distance learning course for senior security managers over Skype/Facetime which is taking up more and more of my (working) time.

On other fronts I stood as a candidate for UKIP in the local elections – came third in a solid Labour ward, but beat the Lib Dems and the greens – and just passed the acceptance process that the party runs people through before they are given the green light to apply to local party branches to become parliamentary candidates.  I’ll probably stand in Ealing – and lose again to Labour – though I’m looking at Greenwich also.  I don’t think that talking about loosing to Labour is defeatism, btw, here in East Acton, it;s just realism 🙂

My younger daughter is engaged to a fine young German lad, one of Moody’s analysts, oh yes, she works at Moody’s too.

So, that’s the long and the short of it – enough for now, I think, except to say I’m looking forward to catching up with everybody.

13 thoughts on “Reporting in…”

  1. Glad to read your news, Bravo.

    ‘…promised him the earth and delivered Wigan’. I wish I had said that. But then, as Whistler alleged about Wilde, I probably will in due course.

  2. Good to hear you both survived.
    Not easy. but sounds as if you have made it with your sense of humour intact.
    A case of its a grand life if you don’t weaken but easier said than done.
    I look forward to the armchair travelogues in due course!!!

  3. I’m pleased that your son has come through – and that you managed to get the support you obviously needed. A friend in need is … as they say. And those friends who stand by in the difficult times are gems.

    Like Christina, I look forward to your travelogues.

    Good luck with a parliamentary career – i have a feeling that the Scots drive for independence might wake up a few more voters in the UK to seek independence from Brussels.

    One never knows! My mother stood as a Conservative candidate in Lambeth, when the red flag really was flying over the town hall there – Red Ken and Livingstone. She was elected. One just never can tell 🙂

  4. Hi gazoopi. glad to meet you too 🙂 I’ll give it my best shot, Boadicea. Something that is mising from the ‘discussions’ so far is the point that no-one is speaking for England. It’s alright for our Dave to promise the Scots all manner of bribes if they’ll only save him from being the PM who broke the Union, but, whatever happens, whether we’re negotiating a separation or just an accommodation, I think there will be a demand that the whole country, especially England, who’ll be paying the lion’s share of any bills, get a say in any final settlement…

  5. Good to see you back. I have never had the misfortune to know anyone with depression, but I know it can be debilitating all round. It is very good news you son is well on his way again. Like Boadicea, i look forward to your travelogues.

  6. I read today that there is a bit of a revolt amongst the back benchers at Dave’s promises and are complaining that England seems to be missing out on a few rights of its own.

  7. Hi Bravo. Very glad to hear that your son seems to be on the road to recovery. I have just been having a friend of mine staying from the US. He is involved with a company called CNS Response. I think I mentioned it to you in the past. They have made great progress in determining the correct medication for patients suffering from depression and other psychiatric ailments. The company is working with the US military which is under extreme pressure to reduce the effects of PTSD. Did you know that a US soldier is more likely to die by his own hand than by anybody else? The CNS trials, in conjunction Walter Reed Hospital, have achieved incredible results, but for some reason the authorities are dragging their heels in endorsing the process. If you would like an introduction to the company, let me know. In any event, here is the website.

  8. Thanks Sipu, and thanks for the reference. The boy has actually received excellent care from the NHS doctors he has been dealing with. It seems that, because it is a specialised area and the doctors build a longer-term and closer relationship with their patients, they don’t suffer from the same bureaucratic nightmare that seems to pervade the rest of the NHS. For example, when my son was referred to specialists, it just took a phone call from the referring doctor and off he went. I have just been referred for specialist ENT treatment for possible Ménière’s disease – personally, I think it’s the cyst filling up again, but hey, she’s the doctor, (and we have an excellent relationship, she’s ex Royal Army Medical Corps 🙂 )Anyway, the referral does not go to a specialist, I learned, but to an NHS ‘panel’ which will decide whether or not I qualify for further investigation…

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