I am delighted . . .

. . . to find that WordPress have finally upgraded their comment preprocessor so that images can be posted in comments by merely including their url – a facility that was always present in posts but sadly missing from comments.

I am equally delighted that a Charioteer has discovered this and used it to good effect, and published the information for the benefit of others.

WordPress are always making changes, some good, some bad – such as the recent loss of numbered comments and the quote facility, and the new post creation page.

I am somewhat less than delighted by the disparaging comments about the help – hundreds of hours of it – provided by Boadicea and me in assisting others to post images and videos and slideshows and writing easily understood guides for the Menu Bar. Β  We worked hard on a load of technical thingies during the early days of the Chariot and we are saddened by the ignorant dismissiveness that appears to be the contemporary meme.

To quote Old Bill from The Bystander, “Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it.”

O tempora, o mores.


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

26 thoughts on “I am delighted . . .”

  1. G’day Soutie,

    I wasn’t watching because I was convinced that we’d lose, but this time it was your guys’ turn to stuff up! πŸ™‚

    You never can tell . . .

  2. I have never forgotten the amount of time and effort you and Boadicea have put into this site and how much work went into writing tutorials. I am, and remain, grateful that despite my inability to grasp basic rules of technology after years of dedicated effort you continue to provide assistance. I might be thick, but at least I am consistent.

  3. Dear Bearsy.

    As you well know, I have learnt pretty much everything I know about images, pixels, HTML and slideshows from the excellent tutorials written by your good self and Boadicea. I also know what work went into producing them.

    Yours in gratitude,


  4. It’s just something that I sort of understand, Janus. I rely on the young with regard to TVs. DVD players , and stuff like that. I just don’t get it, I’m afraid.

  5. Bearsy, I am a technical idiot but your guides are written in in very understandable language (and I can imagine the effort each of you has made in framing words so that they impart true clarity and direction) and though I generally keep off the techno circuit I know, should I choose to do so, you manuals and explanations are the business. PS I am a technical and pedantic bastard so I know the fires your explanations have been through!

  6. I am most terribly sorry if I have offended. I don’t believe I said anything disparaging about all the help that you have put in, and certainly didn’t mean anything disparagingly: but if it was seen that way, I can only humbly apologise.
    I have always totally been in awe of your ability to understand all the techno stuff.
    In my usual bumbling way, I was only trying to be helpful.

  7. There we are, Araminta, size adjusted.
    The url that you inserted contained a GET parameter – that’s the bit at the end starting with a question mark and an equals sign – that fixed the width at 503, which is presumably the correct width for your website’s comment block. I removed it and WordPress did the rest. Simples. πŸ™‚

  8. Araminta – just how did you know that lilies are my favourite flower! There is almost always a vase of lilies on the family room table… πŸ™‚ thanks!

  9. Have to say that lilies with a single ‘l’ just looks wrong!

    In fact lily doesn’t look all that kosher either!

    Perhaps because it’s a word I rarely see and am more used to hilly, silly, filly etc.

    black so

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