Political Diva

I don’t know who you are,
But you must be some kind of superstar,
Cause you got all eyes on you no matter where you are,

(Superstar- song by Jamelia)

hcHillary Clinton is on top of the world. $300,000 a speech and a multitude of extras. Jet plane. Cheque. Five star presidential suite. Cheque. Five other rooms reserved for lackeys. Cheque. And Clinton will only stay at the venue for 90 minutes tops. No video or audio recording is allowed. It would be good if someone bootlegged one of these “concerts” and put them online as no doubt she sings the same songs every night. That would kill the golden goose.

Who would want to hear her anyway? And what could see possibly say that would be interesting?


16 thoughts on “Political Diva”

  1. The only ones willing to pay the exorbitant rates to hear her speak are those who agree with her anyway. It’s an expensive privilege to hear one’s own prejudices confirmed by those more prominent.

  2. As a foreigner, I’ve always been amazed that half of the US electorate is prepared to back a candidate with such a shady past. Is standing by her man a qualification for the White House?

  3. The poor woman looks dreadful in that photo. Didn’t she have a stroke or something a year ago? Surely her health is not good enough for her to run for POTUS.

  4. Janus: Oscar Wilde accurately observed that “no one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”. Democrats especially have a long history of shady pasts. Hillary’s main qualification is that many Democrats and supporters of the Democratic Party owe her and her husband favours.

    Sheona: this photograph is actually flattering. She frequently looks far worse. I believe that she fell down stairs and gave herself quite a concussion. Some speculate that if her fortunes do not look as strong as she is comfortable with she might well choose to “spend more time with her family”.

  5. Morgen, Janus – Probably a shady future as well. Enter Mayor/Governor/Senator Chelsea Clinton (delete where appropriate), if the Blairs’ string-pulling on behalf of young Euan for a safe Labour seat are anything to go by. The Welsh windbag was pretty adept at getting the rest of the Kinnocks onto the gravy train too.


  6. About the only thing she has going for her is that she could not possibly be worse than the present incumbent in the post of POTUS!

  7. With so many corrupt and ineffective heads of state, in the US, UK, and elsewhere, it rather confirms my opinion that democracy, as practised in the West is, on the whole, a load of bollocks.

  8. It’s hardly a democracy, Sipu. At its best, and this is nothing near that, it was never intended to be a democracy. Now, it is merely a soft oligarchy. A small clique grower wealthier and wealthier, utterly above reproach and with the resources to avoid judicial censure. The rest of us must make due with an increasingly dysfunctional system.

    LW: of course. Those who hate the USA don’t have to attack the country, just give massive campaign contributions to the worst candidates to help them pay for the best PR firms.

  9. No devil’s advocate out there for Hillary? Thought not. Even Cicero or Samsonite would struggle to make a case for her. It’s not the money or perks that irk me, it’s the sheer nerve on these people. After all the scandal you’d imagine they’d take a back seat and retire from public life.
    You called it right, Christopher- a soft oligarchy.

  10. All of the above.
    for the life of me I cannot understand how all these politicians and has beens actually get paid to spout such drivel. Most of them belong behind bars for fraudulent conversion at the very least.

    We only have ourselves to blame, we allow it to happen. Not just in America, look at most of Europe too.
    How many more wogs are any British govt. going to let in when there is standing room only? None of them will bite the bullet.

    The whole West is utterly corrupt and needs a serious revolution. At least killing off the current mob anywhere gives a new bunch a chance at the trough!! Perhaps one is a tad cynical!!!

  11. Attagirl! Christopher has nailed it. The patricians have run western gubmints since Adam was a scrumper! The alternative has always been military tyranny, which ironically enough, is how many western oligarchs first acquired power.
    Anybody disagree?

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