Watching Sky Sports news yesterday evening Jim White (that’s him on the left) told us that a famous footballer for some football club or other would be out of action for a period of time because of “a broken 5th metatarsal.”

He then went on to add “I didn’t even know that we had 5 of them”

Was this an attempt at humour? Or just plain ignorance?

Well I have news for you Jim, we all actually have 10 of them! Which would appear to be more than the number of brain cells required to sit in your chair.

10 thoughts on “Metatarsals”

  1. One might wonder how he became such a celebrity but here’s a clue:

    In a famous interview with Brian Laudrup on the shores of Loch Lomond, he asked: “How come you’re so good?” Now that’s what I call in-depth journalism.

  2. Now now soutie, you know they haven’t ten brain cells each, they have one between them and pass it back and forth!

  3. Reminds me of a joke when one Company Director says to another “did you know Jim, we are only using one third of our brain,” and the other Director replies “well what are we doing with the other third!”

  4. Hi Janus. For the information of you and everybody else except JW.

    The Brian Laudrup hagiographical question was, of course, because he is a Rangers legend and Jim White is notorious for being a diehard Rangers fan.

    Doesn’t alter the fact that Jim is, as JW says, a good guy and also more competent than the vast majority of Jock sports commentators.

    In other news, JW must be so looking forward to the Commonwealth Rugby Sevens teams gracing the turf of Glasgow Rangers’ home ground of Ibrox Stadium for the next couple of weeks.

  5. Having just wasted 10 minutes of my life attempting to find the schedule for the Commonwealth Sevens on the pathetically inadequate official Commonwealth games site ( ) I reverted to my TV broadcaster and established that ..

    The format is basically the same as the HSBC world sevens that we watch during the year.

    All pool games to be played on Sat 24th (start 10.30 gmt)

    The Plate, Bowl, Shield and Final to be played on Sun 25th.

    France are not playing.

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