Firstly let me make it absolutely clear that this post has absolutely nothing to do with Elton John, gay marriage, the adoption of babies by same sex couples, the B&B in Cornwall nor the ridiculous furore which has erupted this week over the Belfast bakery which refused to put “I love gays” or some such on their cakes. No, it’s about my mate Pete.

My Faggots

Perhaps I should also make it clear that Pete ain’t gay either, no, Pete’s from Wales (I have him on my phone as Cardiff Pete) loves his rugby, and often joins us for a beer or two.

Pete is a butcher by trade, spent the recent years supplying them but has recently gone back to his butchers roots.

I was in his shop yesterday, he called me over and showed me his faggots, “what are they?” I asked. I’ve completely forgotten the detailed account that I received but the words liver and offal have stuck in my head.

I’m a lover of liver, kidneys and tripe so thought “why not?”

I won’t be sampling them today, probably tomorrow before I watch the football prima donnas take the big stage, any suggestions as to what to accompany them with, is there a traditional ‘faggot feast’?

14 thoughts on “Faggots”

  1. G’morgen, Soutie. Glad you asked. Faggots were a staple when I were a lad. We used to be served them with stewed cabbage/green beans/whatever and new potatoes AND (this is the key to their success) HP sauce.

    Just wait until CO comes up with her gourmet version!! 😉

  2. Môre Jay, oh good, that’s not too difficult then, we don’t do HP sauce in our house, perhaps I’ll splash out a bit later and get a bottle.

  3. Faggots were an occasional welcome treat when I was little. A Sussex delicacy (ignore what Wiki and the rest of the web says) usually eaten with mashed spuds and peas with lashings of thickish onion gravy. In appearance they were rather similar to (our version of) rissoles, but of course a vastly different colour and flavour. This brings back very happy memories of my dawning interest in food as I grew up. Thanks.

    Throw the HP away and try red-currant (or cranberry) jelly on the side. Or mustard, come to that. But never HP. 😀

  4. Morning Soutie: Welsh as the hills (despite opinions to the contrary) been eaten there ever since woad was the preferred dress for dinner. Served always with mashed taters, tinned peas (not fresh – ever) and gravy.
    The faggots pictured are sadly incomplete, they should be covered thinly with “Caul Fat” ask Welsh Pete why it is missing, probably difficult to get so far from the motherland.

  5. I was wondering where the caul fat was too!
    Although traditionally with mash and onion gravy I would rather favour onion spuds these days which are delicious.
    Thus- make mash rather loose with plenty of butter, cream,salt and lots of pepper. In another pan fry sliced, not diced, onion until caramelised. I use a knob of butter and a little olive oil, not too much or it will make the spuds greasy. Blend the two together, absolutely delicious. Onion spud keeps for a few days and improves as the onions suffuse the spuds so make a big batch and have twice in a week, goes with load of things .
    Generally used to be served traditionally with mushy peas, ie marrow fat peas, but any veg to taste really whatever is good in season.

    I note those faggots do not come in a gravy, I wouldn’t fry them straight by the way, better done in the oven with a gravy like a casserole. Being minced and mixed they would dry out if fried completely, just brown off and then in the oven with moisture.

  6. I actually think onion spuds are right up their with Dauphinois but not half the effort! Good with bangers!

  7. oops! Even worse than an errant apostrophe!!
    On consideration, may well have Freudian undertones.
    Scampers weeping to corner and needs to borrow Oz’s frizz ease.

    (There, that one was nailed in the correct place.)

  8. Morning all, some interesting and informative advice, thanks.

    Just for the record, my faggots are already fully cooked, “just warm ’em up” Pete said when I bought them, I’ll be asking him about the caul fat next time that I see him.

  9. Me again.

    The faggots are no more, did the mash potato, made a combination of green beans, carrots and peas and poured a thick onion brown gravy over the lot.

    I got “okay” and “fine” reports from the household, not a big hit then but a change, something different, a success of sorts.

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