Blackberry trackpad

The “trackpad” sometimes referred to as a “trackball” is, after investigation, perhaps the first and most frequent  part to go faulty on Blackberrys.

Here’s my story …

Earlier this year (Jan / Feb) the trackpad started to get sticky on one of our Blackberrys, we tolerated the inconvenience for a while but the problem persisted. “No problem” someone said, “it’s under warranty.”

The phone was indeed under warranty being perhaps 18 months old, so off to the retailer we went, they happily took the phone in and returned it 2 or 3 days later with a fully functioning trackbar.

2 or 3 weeks later, the problem returned, back to the shop, who quite happily took the phone back in for further repairs.

This time the phone was sent to their head office in Johannesburg and after a delay of perhaps 3 weeks returned to us in working condition and is still working.

Fast forward to June.

The trackbar on MY Blackberry (also under warranty) packed in!

So I researched the problem, it was during this research that I established how common the problem is.

I had no intention of being without my phone for three weeks and using one of our older spare / backup models unless absolutely unavoidable.

My research had further informed me that the trackbar was one of the cheapest replacement items on a Blackberry and that it was a very quick operation. I was informed however to only use a qualified repairer.

As it happens, there is a small private cellphone repair shop opposite my local pub, a quick phone call went something like this ..

“Hi, can you replace my Blackberry trackbar?”

“Yes sir”

“How much”

“180 Rand” (± £10)

“How long does it take?”

“About a day”

“Bugger off, I’m told its a quick fix, can you do it in an hour?”

“em, yes sir”

“Good see you later”

I dropped my phone off with them at about lunch time, strolled over to the pub for a bit of lunch and within an hour had a working phone. (With a 3 month guarantee on my new trackbar.)

It was only when I related this tale to friends that I realised how common the trackbar problem is, so there you have it, a lengthy delay or a cheap quick fix, a no brainer in my opinion.

I’ve subsequently recommended the mob who repaired my phone to all and sundry (they fix all makes)

6 thoughts on “Blackberry trackpad”

  1. Ugh! My Tosh keyboard now types in fits and starts. Until I decide what to do, I’m using the screen version!

  2. Môre Jay

    “Tosh” ? Toshiba?

    Probably just needs a good clean, which is what I thought my problem was initially. Take it to the agent or repair shop and ask them to clean it and quote for a repair if a good blow out doesn’t do the trick.

  3. OZ there there dear, blackberries go in pies with apples!
    Or at least they do round here!!!

  4. Soutie, it ain’t grime allegedly. New keyboard poss at $170 fitted! USB plugin only $35! Screen know works fine!

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