My pome for June

Celestial bodies

Comets come and comets go
This is something we all know
Whether they start from the Kuiper Belt
Or the Oort Cloud that is right out there
They all look so spectacular
Their tails so fine as if made of hair.

The trouble is they are lumps of ice
That indeed is not so nice
When they near the Sun they give off dust
The heat of the Sun makes this a must.
Eventually they boil away
Or crash into a planet that’s in the way.

They look so fine when in the sky
But sooner or later they disappear
But until the time they boil away
They reappear at the appointed year.
The one to spot this was Edmund Halley
Who was, with Newton, so very pally

4 thoughts on “My pome for June”

  1. I thought so to.

    I was taught Halley (rhymes with Bailey) only to hear later Halley as in Dirty Harry!

  2. Hailey was also what I would have said although Halley seems to be correct, ergo, I have been wrong all these years. Although as JL says “I’m not the only one”. Bill Haley of Bill Haley and the Comets thought Halley rhymed with his name and thus called his band BHATC. This is a major blunder on the Rock around the Clock guy’s part and he should have called his group Bill Haley and the Meadows or, stuck with the Saddlemen.

    Further cultural proof of “Hally” comes in the shape of Halle Berry, the actress. If you stuck a y at the end of her name she’d be Halley Berry. She should have gone for the Halley as this sounds better than plain Halle, 2001 and all that, though Holly Berry would have topped the lot.

    You don’t often see Kuiper Belt in a pome. Well played, FEEG.

  3. Definitely Halley as in Sally in our Alley! And, yes, Halley was friends with Newton 🙂

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