Pet Hates!

I was thinking  about Soutie’s FIFA blog  (with the caveat that one cannot think too clearly having been woken up by the dog dancing a tarantella on one’s guts before 6am!)

So, in suitably malevolent mode, one’s mind cast about on pet hates, (plus it is raining, no gardening).  One thing in common to nearly all my pet hates is waste of money, especially public money, ie my taxes, splutters invectives into 4th cup of coffee of the morning!

Near the top of the list has to be moon landings, space stations etc etc.  Seeing that we aren’t leaving this planet anytime soon I always thought the money would be better spent on good housekeeping here on earth so that we didn’t have to leave in the near future!  Yes I know there were various inventions etc but frankly I could have done without clingfilm, plastics etc that take a thousand years to decompose, glass was quite adequate.

Another total bete noir are those bloody olympics, who gives a tinkers cuss  who can run fastest or jiggle their tits the most in a  beachball competition?  Not at those prices.  Every 4 years these bloody host cities promise that athletes accomodation will be turned into low cost housing and every 4 years this NEVER comes to fruition but some SOB makes a fortune flogging them out the back door. If they must be held send them back to the bloody Greeks, they started the whole shebang let them deal with it or not as the case may be. remember that NHS crap last year’s in the opening whitewash?

Professional sports, God how I hate professional sports, ghastly peasants kicking, smashing, throwing balls etc with numbskull idiots all paying fortunes for tickets and giving stratospheric wages to those who would be hard put to get a job as a street cleaner!  I have no objection to amateur sports as exercise but really just look at the state of Brazil!  It makes one want to vomit.

Refusal to address the elephant in the room of world overpopulation, not one country with the exception of China will touch it with a bargepole.  Do we have to be standing on each others shoulders before any will grasp that nettle?

Illegal immigration.  What is so difficult in sending them home? They make hell holes of their own countries and then want to foul the next! Good on Australia!

For a long time we nave never had any messages/contact from outer space and probably never will. I have always thought that we were in quarantine, either the result of a failed experiment and they are waiting for us to destroy ourselves or they don’t want us out there spreading our warped sick societies to other more harmonious systems!  There are probably huge notices at the limit of our galaxy telling all and sundry that if they come in here they will not be allowed out again! I wouldn’t let us out, would you?  I can never understand how humanity can be so clever and inventive and so utterly moronically stupid at the same time.

What other pet peeves are amongst the charioteers?  Do tell.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

17 thoughts on “Pet Hates!”

  1. Having been abducted by seven different alien races it gets repetitively boring when one of the minor ranking officials from outer space sends me back to earth with the excuse that I am not a good enough specimen.

  2. What annoys me most are stupid, basic errors made over and over and over again. Not an occasional mistake, that’s simply life. No, when people make the same mistakes over and over again. This extends to how people write. I am well aware of the fact that my English is poor, but at least I try not to make any flagrant errors. I cannot stand it when people mix they’re/there/their, you’re/your, it/its/it’s, etcetera up. The blatant abuse of apostrophes also annoys me. It is not 1 book, 2 book’s. Nor is it 1960’s. There is no apostrophe used in that context, it is simply 1960s.

    Oh, and Tina, I spent my day yesterday wondering around Down Town Los Angeles with a rubbish map. That was also annoying.

  3. From the Dept. of Grumpy Old Men, Viking branch:

    Why do over-wide people imagine they can walk unimpeded through gaps meant for slimmer folk?
    Why do people always stop in doorways and at the top of escalators to look around?
    Why do so-called Christians behave like barbarians towards everyone else?
    Why can’t meeja hacks write English properly?
    And……why can’t I remember the other thing i meant to say?? 🙂

  4. Cut to the 9/10 o’clock news with Kylie/Bill or any other flashily toothed anchor who opens his/her oration with
    “Also on the news today……….”

  5. Anyone who sanctimoniously mouths the mantra-
    “Lessons have been learnt”
    Should be burnt at the stake in the local park, preferably on the football pitch for the general entertainment of the populace!

    Vulgar common fat women whose hair matches their clothes, these are known as ‘purple whales’ in this household.and should be put on the bonfire too, could use the rendered fat to some good purpose I’m sure.
    Sub species are adorned with navy blue lips and nails. One crosses the street to ensure it ain’t catching!
    With the caveat that one can find a decent map, right with you on that one Christopher

    Deaf tottering geriatrics nattering and obstructing supermarket aisles who neither hear or understand the words “EXCUSE ME”. (Until said in Pashtun) A particularly bad phenomena in Haverfordwest I might add. I suspect they are a subset of Janus’s malefactors!

    Needless to say I agree with all your aboves!!!

    Jolly good, nothing like a bit of breakfast fag/coffee invective for entertainment! Must sharpen the tongue for the day, it is spinning club and most of them need a few well aimed cuts, not that they can spot them amongst the self inflicted lacerations of PC guilt. Bit like shooting fish in a barrel but one has to keep in practice, it wouldn’t do to go home to Wales and not be able to keep up with the craic!

  6. Another pet hate is people always having to use their mobile phones. Talking on their mobile phones in trains and buses grates. Worse yet, when they demand to waste precious time by sending text messages or looking at Facebook updates when they are meeting with someone.

  7. All of the above.

    I got on the bus yesterday (in Brighton UK) and a guy got on with a double side-by-side buggy which just fitted into the aisle – everyone had to move out of the way – I almost landed on my neighbour’s lap to avoid my arms being scraped …

    The two toddlers in the buggy proceeded to yell and scream …

    Needless to say it was next to impossible to get past the buggy to get off.

  8. In no particular order.

    Hybrid cars (especially drivers of same)
    Wind farms
    Solar energy
    Bio fuels
    Climate experts
    Bass boats
    Cable TV companies
    “Have a nice day”
    Decaffeinated anything
    Financial advisors
    Water snakes
    Child proof medicine bottles
    Scented candles
    Modern art
    Squirrels (tree rats)
    Blister packs

  9. Don’t worry Bo, in due course the way this world is going we will be eating the contents of the double buggy!

    LW tofu eater should be roasted on pyres of scented candles! My God, you only have to look at the stuff to know it isn’t fit for human consumption! And, and and as for the stench from scented candles…. puts the average gas chamber to shame.

    mmm…… a minor touch of hyperbole perhaps?

  10. CO: to be fair, tofu can be good if cooked properly. I’ve it in a number of soups and other dishes in East Asia. As with anything, once hippies get hold of it it is ruined. Now why am I thinking of patchouli?

  11. It is the appearance of the stuff that gives me the heave ho’s, pallid wobbly cubes of something that looks desperately like something far too obscene to even mention here! The thought of eating it is too much to bear!

    Am I with you on essential oils! Regrettably I am allergic to the fixatives they use in cheap perfumes/oils, not the smell itself. Most embarrassing, I have to skirt the perfume departments in stores and cross the road in front of Bodt Shop, start staggering and passing out like the town drunk. I always make sure never to visit any mall shopping precinct where stench hangs like a pall! Interestingly top draw French perfumes does not do this to me, I presume they use more old fashioned recipes. In the USA scented candle shops areto be treated as centres of bubonic plague!!! I refuse to accept them as presents, can’t even stand them lurking in the house awaiting the re-gifting game!!

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