Poetry competition for May. Results

After a bit of prodding, we have a decent set of pomes to pontificate over.

Gazoopi: Troubled by rain and whoopee cushions, Nice

Janus: A very clever acrostic rather spoilt by a later mention of morris dancing. Minus 29 points straight away 🙂

Bilby: Some very clever wordplay and an interesting take on Whoopee.

Araminta: Some very eloquent words about writer’s block 🙂

So, with all the entries at a high level, I think the worthy winner is Bilby. Over to you……..

11 thoughts on “Poetry competition for May. Results”

  1. Dear FEEG
    Thank you so much for choosing my pome. I shall ponder on a theme for the June Competition …

    Good to see you, Mr Mackie, and many thanks for your kind words.

  2. Well, once upon a time, I enjoyed the title of ‘Poet Lorikeet’ …

    Thanks very much, Janus. 🙂

  3. It’s the one that springs to mind, Janus, ‘cos it’s common. A flock of Rainbow Lorikeets were frequent visitors to my garden in Queensland. Sad that such a beautiful species is now classed as an “Unwanted Organism” in NZ.

  4. I very much doubt it, Bearsy. My Lorikeet is more right wing than left, although it has been known to follow its left wing on occasion.

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