10 thoughts on “Trees for LW”

  1. Those shady bits in the distance are covered with nothing but trees. Foreground are high altitude mountain hemlock. Those trees go on for miles and miles until they run out of water in the rain shadow of the Cascades. This is protected national forest, untouched by man, trees die and fall and lay and rot, forest fires are not put out. One giant ecological experiment to see what happens when man doesn’t interfere in any way shape or form. No roads, no motor vehicles, access by pack horse only. (Rescue helicopters too I suppose, but not often, most who go in there know what they are doing and take a string of horses with them.)

  2. It’s an absolutely glorious view, Tina.

    I have taken the liberty of linking your post to LW’s competition. If this is not acceptable, I’m sure you will make it known!

  3. No, it is Baker Lake that drains to the SE. into the Skagit, ie next river down. That lake is several thousand feet downhill and is 40 miles long or so.

  4. Your garden looks as lovely as ever.

    I thought you had moved, I take it the negotiations were not successful.

    Sorry to hear that you and Slousal Unit are not in the best of health.

  5. We should have moved but he refused to take an offer, truth told he didn’t want to move! I do, 5 acres are too much these days.

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