Glorious Technicolour

Life has been a bit grim/hectic/headless chicken territory of late.

First I never did get over the flu thing I had in January necessitating endless visits to my pulmonologist .  Second, my friend with whom I share a plot in the community garden has tottered off with melonoma leaving me with a double work load. Third spousal unit has had a bit of a run in with his health too.  (We really should have sold this place last year, far too big and far too much work and retired to our ‘pocket handkerchief’ in town!)  But here we still are, the jungle is flowering big time!



Waiting for the rain to stop to further the opportunity to kill the new neighbour’s new chickens!  Count stands at one at the moment. It was stupid enough to climb through the mutual fence to assure itself of instant destruction within 30 seconds by the malefactor on the left.  We returned the corpse with advice.  (No, not a recipe!)


Alas, the asparagus season has come and gone, we manfully ate it nearly every day and vast vats of fresh asparagus soup were consumed with relish. I did not feel moved to give any away, not even to madam in the picture, she doesn’t like vegetables.


We have quick draining soil here, tulips proliferate maniacally.  Honest guv, I didn’t plant this many!

















Better than net curtains!



Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

7 thoughts on “Glorious Technicolour”

  1. It’s all absolutely stunning, Tina, but such hard work, I’m sure, especially since you both are unwell. I hope things improve, but meanwhile you must enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  2. It was ten minutes to two in the morning when I got out of bed, to make myself a cup of tea. (I’d been coughing on account of my bronchiectasis – a manageable but unpleasant chest condition.) Anyway, tea in hand, I logged on to the Chariot to discover your post with sumptuous outdoor pictures. We don’t have this kind of backdrop where I live in South London!

    By way of contrast I was in St Pancras International Station yesterday afternoon with my son now turned 7. There are three pianos in the huge shopping mall, each with a chained seat, and each one available for members of the public, travellers and tramps, to go and have a play or tinkle. I discovered my son is in no way shy of performing in public. When I asked him if I could have a go he let me take the seat and stood at the top end of the keyboard to accompanyh me, playing in rhythm to tunes I was playing. (I tried to match the keys he was focusing on.) It wasnt exactly great – a lot of muddy composiitonal stuff – but at one point we drew a small crowd (6 or 7) who listened and took a few photos! I got chatting to a Spanish woman and her daughter Claudia – she liking stride piano and jazz.

    A young foreign man approached after the crowd has dwindled. He was itching to play! I said to him “If you’re not any good I will haul you off the stool and if you’re better than me I will have to shoot you.”

    He didnt seem affected by my humour. He began to thump the Beatles “Lady Madonna” and even started to sing. Unpleasing to the ear it WAS. I cupped my hand against his mouth for a laugh The Spanish woman thought it was hilarious. (The guy carried on playing.)

    So a good afternoon all round. Next time I’m passing through St Pancras with my son I may arrange a short film for the Chariot of some kind of piano duet. (I might yet become famous.)

    Hoping you and spousal unit improve on the health front.

  3. pg what a nice idea to have the pianos and someone like yourself with the balls to have a go in public! Jolly good. Look forward to the video!
    Lung things are pretty grim aren’t they, not as if breathing was optional!!!
    We have a very good spring and summer here that rather has to make up for the bloody dire winter. Dark and raining/snowing for four months of the year, just as bad as Wales if not a bit worse!

  4. Evening Mrs O. Spring is by far the most colorful time, flowers trees and bushes all together. Good luck on the health front and get on those dandelions on the driveway pronto, they will be all over otherwise.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful photos of your flowers and blossom as well as the asparagus. I had an Asparagus Smoothie in Switzerland at Easter – cold soup, really.

    I hope you and spousal unit recover soon.

  6. Beautiful show Tina, despite ill health you seem to be getting the garden work done.

    The fox gloves you sent are now in three gardens in the family.

    I really thought you had moved by now. You would miss the garden though.

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